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Small Space Kitchen Dining Tables

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Get Your Family Around a Great Small Kitchen Table

No matter how big or small in size, the kitchen tends to be the center of family life in many households. After all, that's the room with the snacks and the refrigerator. And, food always brings people together.

Even if you don't have all the kitchen space in the world, you can still create a comfortable atmosphere for your family to enjoy meals together. All you need is an appropriately sized table.

Fortunately, there is a great selection of kitchen tables for small spaces to choose from in Bassett Furniture's dining room furniture collection. Take your pick of small kitchen and small dining room tables of all shapes, styles, and materials. Our small kitchen tables don't just look great, they are made with superior craftsmanship to ensure a long life of service.

Shop our terrific lineup of small kitchen tables and order your favorite today.

Small Kitchen Table Seating

When choosing a small kitchen table and chairs, it's important to not only think about the style you're after but also how many people you'll need to sit with on a regular basis. The number of chairs a table can fit varies by not only size but also shape. So we've put together these handy links to find small dining sets with the number of seating you need.

Seats 2-4

Seats 4

Seats 4-6

Choose Your Favorite Small Dining Room Table Design and Materials

Our kitchen tables are made from a wide range of top-quality materials, including a number of different types of wood, metal, and glass. And, if you want to match your table with your granite or quartz countertops, take a look at our stone-topped small dining room tables.

Many of our tables can be custom-designed and made to order based on your specifications.

Round Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Round tables are a great choice when you don't have a lot of space to spare. They create an intimate and comfortable setting and make it easier for you to get in and out of your seat. There is no "head" of the table, so everyone enjoys a great meal on equal footing. And, with no sharp corners, round dining tables are a terrific option for families with small children. Round tables are often built with just a single leg, providing more legroom than tables of other shapes.

Square Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Have a family of four? A small square dining table can be your perfect solution for family meals together. Square tables look especially good in square dining rooms or kitchens, as they help to provide balance and symmetry. As with round tables, square tables are conducive to fostering a feeling of intimacy and closeness.

Have Your Small Dining Room Table BenchMade

If you're a fan of quality furniture, you'll appreciate pieces made by hand, using time-honored, traditional furniture making methods. Our BenchMade line of small kitchen tables is made by hand by skilled artisans, on old-fashioned woodworking benches in our Bassett, Virginia workshop. In fact, that's where the BenchMade name comes from.

The methods might be old-fashioned, but Bassett's sourcing policies take into account the needs of current and future generations. All BenchMade kitchen and dining room tables are made from maples and varieties of white and red oaks sourced responsibly from the Appalachian forest of Eastern United States. For every BenchMade product sold, we go back and replant a tree to make sure our great natural resources are still available for generations to come.

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Our Small Kitchen Table Collections

We carry a range of small kitchen table sets and collections sure to match any style, like the BenchMade collection with small kitchen tables and small kitchen sets made with solid wood out of sustainably sourced timber, and features classic American finishes, time-tested woodworking techniques all built by hand only when you order it.

Aluminum Farm Tables

BenchMade Maple

BenchMade Midtown


Martin Teak Tables


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