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Home Office Desks


Life can become cluttered, unorganized, and just a messy situation when you do not have a solid place to work at. Chaos and dysfunction prevail unless you take the necessary steps to create an environment conducive to productivity.  In short, everyone needs a good spot to sit down and complete projects. Whether the projects are full-time work-at-home items or just daily tasks, having a home office desk helps you get a sense of organization and the clearness of vision you need to accomplish your objectives.




Choosing a desk that fits your personality may be easier than you ever imagined.  With Bassett Furniture’s wide range of options you are sure to find one that fits your personality just right. If you are a writer, we suggest a writing desk with a classic look and you are sure to overcome any writer’s block you may have.  Desks typically come equipped with two storage drawers and a flip down drawer for easy access to your keyboard.  Writing desks not only feel comfortable sitting behind and working at, but also serve as a fine piece of furniture that beautifies your home.


Writing Desks


Finding inspiration can be one of the hardest things in life and one of life's greatest pursuits.  If you are a writer, having a writing desk can help you focus your thoughts and express them in a way you may have never known. But, writing desks serve a great many functions, not only writing, but also for working, storage, and decoration needs. Choosing the right writing desk can be a challenge and it can also serve as an opportunity to create a picture perfect room.


Computer Desks


While appearance is important, functionality is key when choosing the right computer desk. We’ve got computer and office desks that are adjustable so that you can work standing up, if you prefer. If file storage is an issue, select from a variety of wooden desks or sleek metal computer tables with side by side file drawer space.  It’s easier to work with everything at arm’s length. Additionally, you’ll save space as a separate file cabinet may not be necessary should the need arise for additional storage, you’ll have space for a stand-alone file cabinet. Save even more space with a computer hutch or armoire from Bassett.


Bassett Furniture offers the finest computer tables and computer hutches. Bassett’s computer tables and chairs create an inviting work space for your home office. Our computer desks can vary in size to fit the space you desire. Consider a corner computer desk for your home office. A corner desk will fit neatly within the corner of the room, saving space and making it easier to move about your office.


To find your nearest Bassett Furniture showroom, use our handy store locator. Or, if you prefer, shop online. Either way, you’re assured of the finest quality and value in the furniture industry.

e locator. Or, if you prefer, shop online. Either way, you’re assured of the finest quality and value in the furniture industry.

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