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Lamp Shades

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Sometimes you don’t need to buy new things to give an old room new life. Lamp shades, for example, are great ways to spruce up an old lamp. Nowadays, you can find a lamp shade for table and floor lamps in every color, shape, fabric, and size. And you can even order custom lamp shades for your favorite lamp. The hard part is not shopping for lamp shades but choosing which one to purchase!

For an easy, no fuss option, a barrel lamp shade is a good choice. Blending easily into any room, a barrel lamp shade in white or cream will update your room without taking focus away from your statement furniture. You can also go with a bell lamp shade in black or red if you’d like something more formal or traditional. Or, you could go bold and buy a lamp shade with a pattern. Patterned lamp shades add layers to a room than make them more appealing to the eye in an inconspicuous way.

Bassett has a large selection of lamp shades to choose from. Shop our table and floor lamps shades below or browse our full collection of home lighting options.
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