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When choosing the lighting for a room, why not try a floor or table lamp? Although not as common as overhead light fixtures and fans, lamps can add extra elegance and style to any room. And by being different and choosing a lamp, you will keep your room fresh and original.

Table Lamps

It is important to reduce stress on your eyes by increasing the amount of light available to you when watching your favorite shows or enjoying new books or magazines.  Placing a table lamp on your nightstand provides you easy access to light as well as an opportunity to complement your bedroom furniture with an accent piece that still matches your décor.

Form and function meet in the warm brass Lawrence lamps. Equally appropriate for the bedroom, family room, or home office desks, these table lamps provide adjustable task lighting as well as an excellent source of ambient light.  Guaranteed to catch the eye of any visitor, the quality and style of our lamp models introduce a new flair.  Fashionable product features easily evokes a modern style while bringing light into your room.

Floor Lamps

Nothing finishes your room like the perfect lighting.  Floor lamps, which tend to be sturdier than traditional table lamps, provide the full spectrum of lighting. This is beneficial, since you can choose to have direct light or more subtle, natural light illuminate your living space. Floor lamps also fit easily into areas beside coffee tables, behind sofas, or even in the corner by your favorite recliner, adding to their versatility.

Have a tall corner that is empty and dark? Try a floor lamp to light and fill the space with warmth. What about your favorite reading nook or end table? Why not adorn this area with a nice table lamp and make your reading area both comfortable and beautiful? Is your office dark and drab? Try a new desk lamp to make working from home more enjoyable. You can even go as far as updating your favorite lamp with a new lamp shade. Or do the reverse and update your favorite lamp shade with a new base. The options are endless.

Have fun selecting your metal base finishes and lamp shade options for this hexagonal floor lamp, which mixes well with both traditional or contemporary spaces.

Lamp Shades

Sometimes you don’t need to buy new things to give an old room new life. Lamp shades, for example, are great ways to spruce up an old lamp. Nowadays, you can find a lamp shade for table and floor lamps in every color, shape, fabric, and size. And you can even order custom lamp shades for your favorite lamp. The hard part is not shopping for lamp shades but choosing which one to purchase!

When it comes to stylish and quality lighting, Bassett Furniture is your place for online shopping. Scroll through our lamp options below or view lighting by style.

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