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Accent Storage Ottomans

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It's Easy to Keep Neat with Storage Ottomans from Bassett

Need an easy way to keep clutter at bay in your busiest rooms? They're much more than just footrests; a storage ottoman from Bassett provides an elegant and stylish solution to manage all the remotes, magazines, blankets, and knick-knacks that permeate your living space.

With a bevy of options at every Bassett showroom, it's easy to find an ottoman with storage to incorporate into your home decor seamlessly. Choose from modern or traditional designs, hundreds of fabric options, and storage compartments of various sizes. From small, upholstered storage ottomans to oversized ottoman benches with storage, the choices at Bassett are almost limitless.

How To Pick The Right Sized Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman can tie the look and style of a living room together, but some consider it an afterthought. Maybe that's because its core function is storage, but that doesn't mean you should have to skimp on looks. When picking your storage ottoman size, consider how you'll need to use it. For example, will you be entertaining and using it as an additional place to put snacks? Then a storage ottoman with a tray is a perfect fit.

Average Storage Ottoman Sizes & Shapes

Since storage ottomans are available in several shapes, you can use your creativity by putting different shapes together to form furniture sets. Storage ottomans are typically available in two basic shapes but come in a variety of sizes.


Storage Ottoman Depths

Most storage ottoman depths run between 15 to 40 inches, or 1.5 to 3.3 feet, respectively. However, since storage ottomans come in many different shapes, have various functions, and come with multiple styling options, they can be as large as 50 inches.

20-25 Inches
25-30 Inches
35-40 Inches

Storage Ottoman Widths

Ottomans are typically square or rectangle-shaped. So ottoman widths usually run between 15 to 40 inches (1.5 to 3.3 feet), just like the measurements for depth. However, since storage ottomans are varied and may have additions like shelves and hinged openings, they can run as wide as 65 inches.

25-30 Inches
35-40 Inches
50-55 Inches

Custom Storage Ottomans

If you're going to invest in high-quality, fine furniture for your home, we believe you should get exactly what you want. That's why Bassett Furniture empowers you to design your storage ottoman from scratch or customize one to your exact taste.

Our showroom collection provides an excellent starting point. Compare the various designs, features, and sizes to find ideas for your own unique look. From there, our in-house design consultants can help you finalize your choices and get our team started on building your custom storage ottoman.

Accent & Storage Ottoman Colors

850 Fabrics And Patterns In-Store

Available Storage Ottoman Upholstering Materials

Your storage ottoman's upholstery material matters as much as its color or pattern. Not only does the material you choose have a significant impact on your ottoman's looks, but it determines how your ottoman feels to the touch. When you need your ottoman to be a functional, frequently used storage area, touch is important. For example, a leather ottoman would have a colder and more modern feel when compared to something like linen which conveys a warm and cozy feeling.



FAQs Regarding Living Room Storage Ottomans

Can you sit on a storage ottoman?

You can absolutely sit on a storage ottoman. Their large size and sturdy build are great for extra seating when you have guests over.

Can a storage ottoman double as a coffee table?

Storage ottomans from Bassett Furniture are well known for doubling as coffee tables. All you have to do is obtain a tray or trays that are about the same size as the top cushion of the ottoman, and you now have a coffee table.

Where should a storage ottoman be placed?

Most ottomans, especially storage ottomans, will be placed 2 or 3 feet in front of the most significant piece of sitting furniture in the living room. This placement allows the maximum number of people to utilize the ottoman, whether for a footrest or extra seating.

Where to Buy Storage Ottomans from Bassett Furniture

What's great about a storage ottoman from Bassett? For one, the high quality of craftsmanship. To experience the exquisite quality of Bassett storage ottomans in person, visit a Bassett showroom nearest you.

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