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Computer Desks

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The Perfect Computer Desk for Your Home Office

Getting work done at home requires a special kind of concentration. Avoiding all those distractions is easier when you have a private space where you can focus your energy. But to be at your most productive, it also helps to have a dedicated surface for your laptop or desktop computer and room to spread out all your materials.

A computer desk from Bassett Furniture can deliver exactly what you need to organize your home office. Shop our extensive selection of computer desks, computer tables, and additional computer furniture.

Desks for Every Space

Every workplace, whether it's a home office or a work office, needs to be planned out in advance. Choosing the right sized furniture pieces is important, whether you're filling an empty space or replacing old office furniture. Be sure to size each piece of furniture correctly to fit your room.

At Bassett Furniture, we offer computer desks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Writing desks to complement bedroom furniture, office desks for your home or business, and executive desks for the c-suite. Complete your workspace with the perfect tables for you or your employees.

Styles That Fit Your Workspace

Each workplace is different. Home offices can either have their own room or take up a small space in the bedroom. Offices outside the home can range from a few desks and chairs to several floors of furnished, office cubicles and enclosed, personal offices. How can one furniture store accommodate all of those situations?

At Bassett, we have a massive selection of home office furniture to fit your exact needs. Choose from a variety of styles and wood finishes for all of our computer desks. From farmhouse desks to modern writing desks, you're sure to find the perfect table for your workspace.

Desk Height

How tall should your next desk be? It depends on a number of factors. The ergonomics of your desk will determine just how comfortable it is to sit at for a long stretch of time.

Consider the chair you're sitting in. How adjustable is it? Where are your armrests positioned? How tall is your seat off the ground? Generally, you want your chair to allow your knees to bend at a 90-degree angle while touching the ground comfortably.

Also, consider how tall you are sitting down. As with your knees, you want your elbows to be positioned at a 90-degree angle to your desk. This prevents your shoulders and upper arms from fatiguing over time, especially for long working sessions.

You can experiment with desk heights by using your kitchen or dining room table to find the perfect height for your office space.

Have Your Computer Table BenchMade

If you want to make a statement with your home office computer desk, let Bassett Furniture create the perfect computer furniture just for you.

Have your computer table hand made by our skilled furniture artisans on traditional woodworking benches in Bassett, Virginia. All BenchMade furniture is made from solid oak or solid red leaf maple sourced sustainably from Appalachian forests. For every tree we use, we go back a plant two more to replenish our glorious natural spaces.

Visit a Bassett Furniture Store

Bassett is recognized around the world for the quality and longevity of our finely crafted furniture. Visit a Bassett Furniture store nearest you to experience all the styles and designs on display in our showrooms.

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