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Custom Sofas

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Shop Custom Sofas at Bassett Furniture

Finding the right sofa style for your home can sometimes take hours of research on the internet and countless visits to furniture showrooms. At Bassett Furniture, you have the freedom to build a sofa tailored to your preferred style and taste.

Let our team of designers help you bring your vision to life. Schedule a design consultation appointment today to get started on your living room update with a custom sofa from Bassett.

How to Personalize Your Bassett Custom Sofa

What goes into making a great sofa? As with a great work of art, a beautiful piece of furniture can seem like an effortless production. But a lot goes into creating a memorable living room centerpiece. A sturdy frame, durable cushions, and top-notch upholstery are just the start.

Choose the Right Size

The first step to creating your design is choosing the appropriate size for the space your custom sofa will fill. Knowing the exact dimensions of the available space is a must. After all, it does no good creating an impressively large sofa if you don't have the room to accommodate it.

Arm and Cushion Style

After size, the next consideration is the arm and cushion style. Seating cushions generally come in two types: a straight cushion or a T-cushion.

The straight cushion covers the seating area, boxed in by the sofa arm. The T-cushion extends over the sofa arm and stops short of the sofa's front edge. Two T-cushions placed side by side form a stocky iteration of the letter "T."

Arm styles offer a bit more choice. The English (or London), Lawson, and rolled arm styles satisfy traditional tastes. Sock arms and track arms are perfect for more contemporary styles.

Back Cushion Styles

The back of the sofa is another area that offers many choices. The back cushions in a loose back sofa are not attached and can rotate to help the cushions maintain their proper shape.

If you like the loose back look but have kids or pets, you might consider the semi-attached back cushion style. These cushions are attached to the back of the sofa but give the appearance that they're loose.

The tight back option is fully attached to the back of the sofa and tends to have a more firm feel compared to the semi-attached style. The advantage of the tight back cushion is that you'll never need to fluff it. Check out our custom upholstery styles for more details about cushion options and fabrics.

Base Style

You'll also need to decide on the look for the front of your sofa. There are two general base styles: skirted or legged.

As the name suggests, the skirted base has a fabric "skirt" that extends from below the seating cushions down to floor level. A skirted base goes well with the more traditional styles of sofa.

The legged style suits contemporary tastes and features prominent sofa legs. You can have a lot of fun deciding on the type of leg and foot styles you'd want!

Custom Built Sofa FAQs

How can I design my own sofa?

Bassett Furniture makes it simple and will help you throughout the entire process. Start by deciding on the ideal size of your comfortable custom sofa. Size is an important detail to decide on since it affects the depth, which can determine your style options. Next, you should consider adding special elements to your sofa, such as Magnificant Motion reclining. After that, you can move on to picking out the sofa arms, seat cushions, and back cushion styles. Finally, you will choose the base style. And don't worry; we want the entire process to be as enjoyable as possible and will advise you every step of the way.

Are custom sofas worth it?

All of our customers who decide to customize a sofa would agree that it's worth every dollar. Even though Bassett Furniture has dozens of living room collections to choose from, we understand that sometimes there's a particular vision. We started our custom furniture program so that our customers never have to settle for anything less than their dream sofa. Best of all, you can make a custom sofa to match even the most unique of homes, and you'll know that your sofa is truly one-of-a-kind.

What are the benefits of a custom-made sofa?

There are many benefits of a high-quality custom-made sofa. What could be more satisfying than your family enjoying time together on a sofa that you designed yourself? With a custom sofa from Bassett, you'll also know exactly where your sofa is being made, which is right here in the USA. Decades from now, when your custom-made sofa is still going strong and someone in your family needs quality furniture, you'll realize the sofa you designed is an heirloom piece that your family can pass down for generations.

Visit Bassett Furniture

Before you start designing, get inspiration for your custom sofa by visiting one of our stores. Find the Bassett Furniture store nearest you and come on in today.

Maybe your custom furniture needs extend beyond a sofa. Bassett Furniture also specializes in custom-made sectionals and custom ottomans as well. Allow us to be your go-to for custom comfort.

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