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Leather Sofas

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Leather Sofas From Bassett

Your leather sofa must be stylish, durable, and comfortable. Sofas need to be designed to last for generations, through all the rough and tough family moments. Your Bassett sofa needs to handle playtime with the kids, your pup jumping up onto the sofa, and the weekly family movie nights.

Our furniture-making process is fine-tuned, as seen in our 100+ years as America’s premier furniture maker. Our design team works hard on ideas to create high-quality leather sofas that will become the cornerstone of your home for years. Add an element of rugged elegance to any room with a sofa from Bassett.

Traditional Leather Sofas: An American Classic

Nothing is as classic and stylish as a real leather sofa. As durable as they are timeless in style, the advantages of classic leather sofas are endless. Traditional leather sofas have always been highly desired because they have qualities that no other piece of furniture can provide. You can read more in our blog about what makes the most durable sofa.

Because they are so durable and easy to maintain, real leather sofas often look and feel better with age. Just like leather jackets develop character with added wear, pure leather sofas become more defined over many years. The unique combination of flexible style, comfort, and durability make real leather sofas timeless pieces that will always be highly sought after by families and companies.

Leather Sofas With Unmatched Comfort

Instead of looking more worn, leather sofas and loveseats look more inviting as they become older. The genuine leather used in Bassett reclining sofas is comfortable and breathes well, adjusting to the contours of your body without clinging to dust. This makes genuine leather an excellent choice for people with allergies or pets. Additionally, for added comfort, our leather sectionals and loveseats have channeled, polyester fill back-cushions, encased pillow cores, and fully upholstered cushions and arms. If you're having trouble deciding between a sectional or a sofa, you can visit our blog to compare sofas vs. sectionals.

Quality Leather Sofas With Unparalleled Sourcing

Make no mistake, Bassett has long been a leader in crafting high-end furniture. Our buyers search the world for the highest quality leather hides. Sourced from Europe to South America, you’ll notice the difference immediately. Bassett partners with artisans, designers, and tanners we trust.

We make sure everyone involved in making our leather sofas are dedicated to a clean, healthy workplace and share our commitment to exceptional quality. To ensure our partners live up to the rigorous commitment to quality we have made, we inspect factories several times every year.

Leather Sofas + American Design

When it comes to our design process, we leave no stone unturned. No matter what the dimensions or the layout of your living space are, you'll find the perfect piece to stylishly tie together any room in your home. With numerous sizes, shapes, and configurations, leather sofas are as flexible as they are durable. With so many different configurations, you can choose different sizes and arrangements to fit any space perfectly.

Real leather reclining sofas are easy to fit with many styles of décor. With a myriad of designs, hues, and leathers available, you’ll have no trouble finding a real leather sofa (or creating a custom one) to match your style and décor.

From full-grain leather sofas and hand-finished hides to fine leather sofas with gently polished leathers, the emphasis is on quality and attention to detail. This results in quality leather sofas that are as durable and easy to maintain as they are stylish. Below are details on the types and features of leathers offered by Bassett:

Full-grain aniline: Full-grain aniline is an uncorrected leather meant to show off the natural beauty of the hide.

Buffed aniline: Buffed aniline is uncorrected, with a natural look that is buffed for a soft, suede-like feel.

Wax-protected aniline: A slightly corrected leather with a fine topcoat, so it has a natural, yet more refined, look.

Enhanced-effects semi-aniline: This leather is corrected with pigmentation and artisan techniques to create desired tones and textures.

Even-coloration aniline: Even colored aniline is corrected to eliminate flaws and pigmentation added to even out tone and create a uniform look.

For a full rundown on leather from the pros at Bassett, see our complete guide on guide to leather types.

Genuine Leather Sofas, Designed to Last

Leather is more durable than fabric and is easier to clean since it can handle regular use without tearing, losing its shape, or looking tired and worn. With the proper care, a genuine leather sofa will look just as good years from now as it did when you first saw it at your local Bassett store.

For more on leather care, check out the video below:

Quality Leather Sofas Without Compromise

The upholstery that goes into our leather sofas is handcrafted with pride for maximum durability. The majority of our modern leather sofas are made by skilled artisans in North Carolina. In each of our sofas, we route and assemble the frames, cut and stitch the leathers, and upholster the finished leather sofa. Each of our leather sofas is constructed with joints engineered for longevity, an interlocking unibody design, high-density foam, and thick, laminated hardwood.

Leather Living Room Sofas For Family And Friends

A living room or great room is where you gather with family to celebrate. It’s where bonds are made with family and friends, and traditions passed down. Nothing is better to make this setting more beautiful and comfortable than a genuine leather living room sofa. If you're planning on entertaining often, you may want to read up on the depth of your sofa to ensure your guests are comfortable.

At Bassett, our designers strive to create leather living room sofas that help make those moments just a little bit more special. Complement your living room with an elegant leather couch today, and relax in comfort knowing your couch will last for many years to come.

FAQs Regarding Top Grain Leather Sofas

What to know when buying leather furniture?

The first thing to know is, every leather is different, not just in its color, but also in its characteristics. Also keep in mind that Bassett uses top grain leather, which is the most durable out of all the different types of leather. It's important to remember no 2 hides are the same so color and texture variation between different furniture pieces is perfectly natural. The variation signifies authenticity and that's what makes top-notch leather. If you do not want color or texture variations, we can take care of those with a little more treatment. Hides that have been heavily treated also have a top coat on them for easier cleaning. Finally, Aniline is the treatment we use to die the hide different colors. And if you see a product that is "semi-aniline", that simply means additional pigments were added to take care of any imperfections. You're welcome to visit any store and feel for yourself!

How comfortable are leather sofas?

Few pieces of lounging furniture are more comfortable than a top grain leather sofa. Leather sofas tend to provide added support where other sofas may not. In addition, a leather sofa becomes more comfortable the more you use it. That's something we have learned with our decades of experience.

How long do leather sofas last?

Quality leather sofas like the ones made here at Bassett can last 25 years or more. We make furniture pieces that stand the test of time and can be passed down for generations. This also includes our sleeper sofas, which may see more wear and tear than normal sofas.

How to clean leather sofas at home?

You should frequently dust your leather furniture with a soft, 100% cotton dry cloth. For more thorough cleaning you should regularly wipe down your leather furniture, including the headrest, with a damp, 100% cotton cloth, immediately followed by a dry one to remove any soil. Additionally, blot up any spills as soon as they happen.

How to keep a leather sofa from peeling?

To keep your leather sectional sofa from peeling, once or twice a year you should apply a leather cream that is specifically designed for leather furniture. Any generic leather cream will do, however, try to avoid polishes and other abrasives. After you have applied the cream, let it try for 1 or 2 hours before going back and wiping it down with a dry cotton cloth to give the leather a buff.

Where to buy leather sofas?

Visit a local Bassett Furniture showroom near you and see what our designers have in store for you. Get inspired by leather sofas, leather recliners, and living room furniture made to astound your guests. With more than 50 leathers to choose from, you’re sure to find the quality leather sofa that speaks to you. Stop by or make an appointment at a Bassett furniture store near you to speak with one of our talented design consultants and create a furniture piece all your own.

Keep in mind, Bassett Furniture isn't only limited to leather sofas. We have sofas to fit every need. Our selection includes everything from fabric sofas and fabric reclining sofas to small sleeper sofas and small space sofas. Let us help you find functional seating furniture for every room in your home.


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