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Leather Sofas

of 33 Items

of 33 Items

Nothing is as classic as a leather sofa. Their advantages are endless. Quality leather sofas have always been highly desired because they have beneficial qualities that perhaps no other piece of furniture can provide. Their unique combination flexible style, comfort, and durability make will make them timeless pieces that will always be highly sought after.

Leather Living Room Sofas

A living room or great room is where you gather with family to celebrate. It’s where bonds are made with family and friends, and traditions passed down. Nothing is better to make this setting more beautiful and comfortable than a genuine leather living room sofa. Bassett designers strive to create leather living room sofas that help make those moments just a little bit more special.

Your fine leather sofa must be stylish. It must be durable. It must be comfortable. We’ve got this down, as seen in our 100+ years as America’s premier furniture maker. Leather sofas are easy to fit with many styles of décor. With a myriad of designs, hues, and leathers available, you’ll have no trouble finding or creating a custom leather sofa to match your style and décor.

High Quality All Leather Couches

Our buyers search the world for the highest quality fine leather sofas. Sourced from Europe to South America, you’ll notice the difference immediately. From hand-finished hides to gently polished leathers, the emphasis is on quality and attention to detail.

The high-quality leather used in Bassett sofas is comfortable and breathes well, adjusting to the contours of your body without clinging to dust. This makes leather furniture an excellent choice for those who have allergies or pets.

Durable Aged Leather Sofas

Because they are so durable and easy to maintain, leather sofas often look better and feel better with age. Just as leather jackets develop character with added wear, so do leather sofas. Leather is more durable than fabric and is easier to clean, as well, as it can handle regular use without tearing or losing its shape or looking tired and worn.

With the proper care, a quality genuine leather sofa will look just as good years from now as it did when you first saw it in a Bassett store. All you have to do is give it a light dusting with a dry, white cotton cloth. You can clean leather sofas by using a lightly dampened cloth with water.

Many say quality leather sofas are like a fine wine, they improve with age. Due to the natural qualities of all leather sofas, they tend to get softer with age. Instead of looking more worn, leather sofas look more inviting as they become older.

Visit a Bassett Showroom

Visit a local Bassett showroom and see what our designers have in store for you. Get inspired by leather sofas, leather recliners, and living room furniture made to astound. With more than 50 leathers to choose from, you’re sure to find the leather couch that speaks to you. Stop by or make an appointment to speak with one of our talented design consultants to create a furniture piece all your own.


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