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Reclining Sofas

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Kick Your Feet Up in Comfort with a Sofa Recliner from Bassett

Everyone deserves a little bit of time to relax and unwind. And, when you find the time to do so, is there anything better than kicking up your feet and sinking into a plush, pillowy recliner seat? With a recliner sofa from Bassett Furniture, you can enjoy a lifetime of such happy, carefree moments alongside your family, friends, or guests.

Recliner sofas offer great comfort, flexibility, and versatility. Whether you're looking to add great seating options for your living room, media room, or even home office, sofa recliners make for an unbelievably great choice.

From movie night with the whole family, to a quick day-time nap to recharge your batteries, a great looking and well-built reclining couch can handle it all with ease.

Shop the incredible selection of recliner sofas at Bassett Furniture.

Reclining Sofa: Live Like Royalty

Want to feel like a king or a queen? Furnishing your home with a sofa recliner allows you to live like ancient royalty.

Modern recliners were first introduced in France around 1850. But, they were styled after the decadent daybeds used by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Throughout time, reclining furniture has always been associated with luxury and class.

So, if you want to make your home feel like a royal palace, add a great power reclining sofa from Bassett Furniture to your living room.

How To Pick The Right Sofa Recliner Size

If you are planning to buy furniture online, these are the ways you can select the best recliner size without trying it out in-person.

Take your body's measurements using a tape measure is a good first step. You need to measure the distance from your heel to the knee, and then from your heel to the tailbone. These numbers will inform the seat height and seat depth that will fit your body the best.

Average Sofa Recliner Sizes

Seat Height

The seat is the most important part of a seat (when it comes to comfort anyway). And when picking a recliner sofa, it’s important to consider the proportions of who will be using it. The most common measurement is 18 to 19.5 inches, but you can find heights as high as 22 inches.

• 19.5
• 22


The depth of recliner sofas usually ranges between 35 to 40 inches, however can go as high as 45 inches if you’re looking for something that is a little more relaxing.

• 35-40 Inches
• 40-45 Inches


The most important dimension often because this dictates how many people a sofa recliner will seat. For a 3 person sofa, you'll want something in the 85 to 90-inch range. However, if you want something smaller 60 to 65-inch wide recliner sofa will seat 2 people comfortably.

• 60-65 Inches
• 85-90 Inches

We Can Help You Design Your Perfect Sofa Recliner

We don't want you to buy just any recliner sofa. At Bassett Furniture, we strive to provide you with furniture that you'll love. That's why our recliner sofas can be customized to fit your exact taste and style.

It's also why we have design associated available to assist at every one of our stores. You don't ever have to worry about getting overwhelmed with all the customizable options.

Our team of design consultants is here to help. We'll walk you through every step of the design process, ensuring that the sofa that ends up in your home fits seamlessly into your existing motif.

To get started, schedule an appointment with our in-store design associates.

Our Recliner Sofa Collections

We carry a range of recliner sofa collections sure to match any style. From Bassett’s Magnificent Motion collection with personalized design meeting technological innovation to the Bedford collection created in-house by our top designer.

• Bedford
• Magnificent Motion

Recliner Sofa Colors

The easiest way to pick a fabric or material color for your recliner sofa while simultaneously creating an amazing space is to mix and match colors, and materials. When picking the color or finish for your sofa, consider how it will add the current colors in your space. Don’t be afraid to be bold when picking a material for a recliner sofa. Oftentimes the best color combinations lie across from each other on the color wheel. If you need help picking a color or finish for your recliner, book your own personal appointment or stop by any local store to see our complete selection of hundreds of designer fabrics, colors, and materials. Whether you need to ask a question or need a complete dream room done right, we’re here to help.

• Beige
• Black
• Blue
• Brown
• Gray
• Green
• Ivory
• Multi
• Natural
• Orange
• Pink
• Purple
• Red
• Tan
• Teal
• White

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