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Sleeper Sofas

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Bring Home A Comfortable Sleeper Sofa from Bassett

Choosing the right sleeper sofa for your home can be tough. Most furniture makers struggle to adequately meet the competing requirements of multi-functional furniture pieces. After all, it's challenging enough to find fine furniture that delivers above-average performance for just its primary purpose.

Sleeper Sofas: Luxury Sofas With Beds

At Bassett Furniture, our furniture-building expertise extends to well over a century. In that time, we've figured out a thing or two about how to make beautiful, reliable, and enduring furniture for your home. That means that you can raise your expectations for any sofa sleepers you find in our online inventory.

Shop our incredible selection of living room furniture online and bring home your perfect sleeper sofa today.

How to Pick the Perfect Sleeper Sofa for Your Home

What's the trick to picking a great sleeper sofa? It helps to have a few things ironed out before starting your search. Here are a few questions to consider:

Space: How much space are you working with? Does the sofa sleeper need to accommodate one guest or more? How will the sofa bed be positioned? Identifying exactly how much space you have will take care of your biggest constraint. It does no good shopping for a queen-size sleeper sofa if all your room can accommodate is a twin.

Room Positioning: Room positioning can also play a role in your selection process. All sofa sleepers require some extra space to morph into a sleeping surface, so this is one of the most important dimensions to be aware of in your room.

Be sure about the space you have available when making a final purchase decision.

Common Sleeper Sofa Sizes

When picking a sleeper sofa, it's important to know what size you need ahead of time. And when it comes to size, there are lots of things to consider.

Sleeper Sofa Widths

The main reason you want to consider the width of your sofa is the number of people who can sit on it comfortably. In addition to making sure you pick the right width for your space, consider how many people you expect to use it regularly. A 50" or larger sofa will be more than enough for just two people. However, for 3-4 people, something in the 78" to 90" range would be best.

Sleeper Sofa Depths

Things like seat depth are often overlooked when sofa shopping. But it would be best if you didn't ignore it. The depth of a sofa can be the most important factor in your long-term comfort with your piece. The sofa depth will change its comfort for laying vs. sitting. So consider how your sofa will be used when thinking of which depth to buy. For example, if you'd rather lay around on your sofa than sit on it, you'll want to think of a deeper dimension when weighing your options.

Sleeper Sofa Bed Sizes

  • • Full Sleeper - A full-sized sleeper sofa mattress runs 54 inches by 75 inches and is best suited for only 1 person. You'll usually need 9.5 feet by 10.5 feet to accommodate a sleeper sofa mattress of this size.
  • • Queen Sleeper - A queen-sized mattress runs 60 inches by 80 inches and is perfect for two sleepers who don't need much room between them like a couple. To fully accommodate a queen-sized mattress sleeper sofa, you'll need at least 10 feet by 10 feet when factoring in the room to walk around it, etc.


Customize Your Sleeper Sofa

When you purchase a piece of furniture on our website or from one of our stores, you're taking home a highly personal product that will last for many years to come. And, if you're going to spend years and years with anything (or anyone), you absolutely have to love it.

That's why at Bassett Furniture, every customer has the chance to customize the piece of furniture they're buying to their tastes and preferences. Choose between leather or fabric – your options include hundreds of designer fabrics of various shades and textures. Pick the style of armrests your sofa will feature. Find accent pillows that mesh with the existing motif of your living room, or give your sofa a pop of color.

Numerous Mattress Options For Your Sleeper Bed

You also have a choice of several comfy mattress options, including a standard coil mattress, an air mattress over a standard coil, or a gel mattress.

Each sleeper sofa offers different opportunities for customization. Our in-store design associates are always available to help.

Sleeper Sofa Colors

Our sleeper sofas come in various colors, including Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Ivory, Natural, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, White, plus hundreds of fabrics and patterns available in-store.

Find Design Inspiration at Bassett Furniture

There are tons of sleeper sofas, sectional sofas, and other living room furniture on display at every Bassett Furniture store. That makes for a lot of new designs and fresh styles to take in.

Don't worry; we won't let you get bogged down with too many choices. Avoid analysis paralysis by requesting assistance from our in-store team. Not only will our design consultant help you picture what's possible, but they can also assist you in re-designing your entire living room.

Visit a Bassett store closest to you to find ideas and inspiration for your new home furniture.


Sleeper Sofa F.A.Q.

We answer the most common questions about sleeper sofas and sofa beds.

Which sofa bed is best for everyday use?

The best sofa bed for every day has to be durable. That means it should have sturdy construction in both its frame and the quality of materials used. And for consistent comfort, make sure that the sofa bed you choose fits a full height mattress, as some sofa beds use specific mattresses that are much thinner.

Do you need special sheets for a sofa bed?

You usually don’t need special sheets for a sofa bed, but it’s better to check with who you plan on buying your sofa bed from to make sure. Sometimes, depending on the design, sofa beds might need a sheet that accommodates their shape. However, in 99% of cases, just buying sheets to fit the bed portion of your sofa bed will be perfect.

Are sleeper sofas comfortable to sleep on?

The comfort level of sleeper sofas has come a long way. Sleeper sofas used to guarantee a certain level of discomfort, but that is no longer the case. The sleeper sofas of today are as comfortable as any regular bed and even come with specialty mattress materials such as memory foam and latex.

How do sleeper sofas work?

How a particular sleeper sofa works all depends on its design. Most sleeper sofas are “pull out sleepers,'' meaning a section of the sofa opens up to reveal the bed. You may see various combinations of hinges and ways for the bed portion to reveal itself. However, the most common element is the ability for the bed to be stored away when not in use.

Is it OK to sleep on a sofa bed all the time?

Yes! It’s exactly what some sofa beds are designed for. However, if you plan to use your sofa bed every day, make sure to get one with sturdy construction and one that accepts a regular thickness mattress.

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