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Storage Furniture

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Organize Your Living Space with Great Storage Furniture Options from Bassett

Whether you occupy a palatial expanse of a mansion, a small, one-bedroom apartment in the city, or anything in-between, you've got to have a great game plan for storing and displaying your prized possessions. 

And, that's where storage furniture comes in. 

With the right set of storage furniture, it's possible for the smallest rooms to take on an air of spacious elegance and for the largest halls to exude an essence of intimate closeness. 

If you've come looking for that special piece of furniture to transform your living space, you're in the right place. Bassett Furniture features a terrific collection of storage furniture for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. 

Shop our online selection of small and large storage furniture, storage furniture with drawers and a whole lot more. 

Create Grande Displays with Large Storage Furniture

Hoping to reshape your living room, library or den into something more neat and presentable? We are happy to help. There are several types of furniture pieces that can help you organize your most commonly used spaces. 

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets can offer as much or as little storage and display area as you need, and work with any room dynamic to create the wanted atmosphere.

A 90-inch tall single display cabinet can add an element of height to a room otherwise dominated by squatier pieces. Whereas a triple display cabinet can fill out an entire wall and add a handsome anchor to a sparsely decorated room. 

Find storage cabinet options big and small in our collection. 


Bookcases aren't just for libraries and office work spaces. They look great almost anywhere. 

And they don't have to hold just books. Hijack one or several shelves for framed pictures, family heirlooms, diplomas, trinkets from your travels and anything else you're proud to put on display. 

Media Storage

In many households, the media room is the messiest room in the house. That's where the kids play all their video games. It's where you watch your favorite movies and sporting events. It's where you gather to open presents during birthdays and holidays, and where you get together for your family trivia nights. 

It's easy to see how your busiest space can get start to feel overrun. But, gaining control of this space doesn't need to be hard.

What you need is a solution for your media storage needs. A place to neatly store your board games, video games, wrapping papers, photo albums and everything else that brings joy to your life, but doesn't need to be under foot. 

Shop Bassett Furniture's collection of entertainment consoles, credenzas, buffets, sideboards and more.  

Storage Furniture for Seating & Entertaining Areas 

Cozy seating areas are a must for any home. But, throwing a sofa and a couple of chairs together won't quite get you all the way there. You'll need some additional storage furniture pieces to make the space comfortable to use. 

Side Tables

Side tables are a natural companion to seating arrangements involving sofas, sectionals and accent chairs. They're provide a great location for all those cute pictures of your rug-rats, and serve a utilitarian purpose by giving you and your guests a ready surface to rest your drinks.   

At Bassett, you'll find a terrific selection of contemporary and traditional side table designs. 

Storage Benches

Benches aren't just for the outdoors or entryways. They're a great compliment to a sizable dining room, an open concept living room or an airy sun room. Storage benches can help you keep your tablecloths and place settings within easy reach of the dining room table, or provide the perfect home for candles, coasters, board games or playing cards.

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans share many benefits with storage benches. At the same time, they offer a bit more in the way of stylistic expression. Storage ottomans also tend to be a bit larger than benches and accommodate more of the knick-knacks that can clutter up your living space. They are often called upon to fulfill a secondary purpose as a serving surface for snacks or a display area for magazines or coffee table books. 

Storage Coffee Tables

More than just a place to serve and enjoy a cup of joe, coffee tables are typically the central hub of a living room. And a little extra storage space in the middle of your entertaining space can always come in handy. 

Find your favorite storage coffee table designs in our extensive online collection of storage furniture. 

Visit Bassett Furniture

Shopping online is convenient, easy and fun. But, if you want to get a sense for how your favorite storage furniture pieces look in a room, you'll have to come visit us in person. Find the Bassett Furniture store nearest you and come see us today. 

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