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Outdoor Dining Chairs

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Find Great Outdoor Dining Patio Chairs for Your Happy Place

Is your patio your happy place? If you enjoy spectacular sunsets, deep conversations with your favorite people or just spending relaxing evenings in the midst of rustling leaves and fresh air, then, it surely must be. It probably goes without saying then that dining out on your patio is one of your more pleasurable experiences.

The real question is: are you getting the most out of your meals in your happy place? 

The answer depends on the quality of seating at your disposal. After all, it's impossible to enjoy your patio time fully if you don't have comfortable seating options. 

If you need an upgrade to your outdoor dining chairs, Bassett Furniture has many great options to consider. Take a look through our varied selection of outdoor patio chairs. Success in finding your new favorite outdoor seat in our outdoor furniture collection is a safe bet. 

Choosing Your Favorite Outdoor Patio Dining Chair Types

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry. Don't be intimidated by the breadth of choices. 

The easiest, most natural place to start is by selecting which type or types of outdoor patio chairs you like the best.

Here are a few options to consider: 

Outdoor Dining Chairs with Arms 

In addition to providing comfort, outdoor dining chairs with arms also help you maintain proper mealtime etiquette. If you are having trouble keeping your elbows off your outdoor dining table, these chairs might just be the solution.

Armless Outdoor Dining Chairs

Perhaps armless outdoor dining chairs aren't as regal as their armrest counterparts. But, then again, the lack of arms allows for a bit more freedom of movement. That said, it's not uncommon for dining chairs with arms to often be paired with armless chairs. 

Patio Counter Stools 

If you like to entertain out on your outdoor space, patio counter tables are ideal for creating a casual, relaxed atmosphere. These types of tables stand about 36 inches tall and provide easy access to the tabletop whether you're sitting or standing. Patio counter tables are best paired with patio counter stools, which have a seating height between 24 and 28 inches. 

Patio Bar Stools 

While counter tables minimize the height difference between your seating and standing guests, bar height tables pretty much erase that difference, putting everybody around the table at face level. Patio bar height tables stand a bit taller than counter tables. The same goes for patio bar stools, which range in seating height between 28 and 34 inches. 

Choosing Your Preferred Outdoor Patio Dining Chair Material

The next big decision concerns the material from which your outdoor patio chairs will be made. Each material presents its own unique advantages. 


Outdoor patio chairs have to be extra durable. For this reason, Bassett's wood patio chairs are made from teak. Not only is teak very strong, it also has an attractive appearance and texture. Teak patio chairs easily stand up to heat and moisture, and teak's natural oil repels burrowing insects like termites. 


Aluminum is another great option for outdoor patio chairs. The metal has a thin top layer that protects against rusting and moisture, allowing you to leave your aluminum patio chairs out year-round without concern. 


Our wicker patio chairs are crafted from high-performance resin wicker. Resin wicker offers better protection from outdoor elements like direct sunlight and moisture than natural wicker (rattan). Resin wicker furniture stays beautiful without requiring a lot of upkeep. 

Customize Your Outdoor Patio Dining Chairs

With your two biggest choices out of the way, you can now focus on customizing your outdoor patio chairs to your personal style and preferences. Get started by scheduling a consultation appointment with a knowledgeable Bassett design associate.   

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A design consultation isn't the only reason to visit Bassett Furniture in person. High quality, premium furniture is best experienced live. Find the store nearest you and come see us today. 

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