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Outdoor Dining Tables

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How to Choose a Great Outdoor Dining Table

Does fresh air make a meal better? Doctors tell us that fresh air is beneficial for the heart and has a positive effect on blood pressure. But, can it improve your dining experience, too? 

Maybe not everyone is a fan of taking their meals outdoors. However, if you are one of the many people who delight in the birds chirping and the sun shining while you enjoy your meal, Bassett Furniture has a great lineup of outdoor dining tables for your backyard. 

Forgo the reservations and have a great meal out on your patio any night of the week. Shop Bassett's selection of outdoor dining table from our exquisite outdoor furniture collection.  

Which Outdoor Dining Table Shape Is Right for You? 

Choosing your perfect outdoor dining table can be a challenge. But, if you're having trouble narrowing down your options, just start with the shape. Each table shape has its advantages and limitations. Picking the right shape for the right circumstances will set you up for success.  

Round Outdoor Dining Tables

If you don't have an overabundance of space on your patio and you're not planning on throwing grand dinner parties in your backyard, around outdoor dining table may make a lot of sense. Round tables are excellent for intimate settings and make the most of limited space. Plus, that's what King Arthur used as his table of choice. 

Square Outdoor Dining Tables

This type of table also works if the dining area of your outdoor patio is on the smaller side. From a room design perspective, square tables look best in square rooms, or, for outdoor spaces, square-shaped patios or decks. Like with round tables, square outdoor dining tables put everyone on the same footing... no head of the table here. 

Rectangular Outdoor Dining Tables

Most dining tables are rectangular, whether they're indoors or outside. Provided you have space, a rectangular outdoor dining table offers the benefit of added seating capacity and allows you to put more food on the table. No running back inside between courses. 

Choose Your Outdoor Dining Table Material 

If after selecting your preferred table shape you still have too many options to consider, pick the material you like best.  


Our wood outdoor dining tables are made from teak. Teak is one of the strongest and most durable hardwood materials. Outdoor tables made from teak require little maintenance, as they tend to be both weather-resistant (repel moisture) and pest resistant (natural oil repels insects like termites). 


At Bassett, you'll find a number of excellent outdoor dining tables made from aluminum. The metal is a high-strength and durable material. Aluminum also does not rust, allowing your table to remain in great condition year-round. 


Bassett's wicker outdoor dining tables are made from high-performance wicker resin. This synthetic material offers some advantages over the natural (rattan) version, especially when used outdoors. Synthetic wicker is better able to stand up to outdoor elements, such as heat, moisture, and direct sunlight, while still maintaining it's elegant appearance. 

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