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Coffee Tables

Choosing the perfect coffee table for your living space adds a finishing touch by providing an accent to your seating as well as serving other functional purposes.  Do you need additional storage?  Available in two finishes, our Rectangular Coffee Table features three spacious drawers stowed below an additional shelf with a multi-sectioned, beveled glass top.  For a small room, you can create additional seating with our Ottoman Coffee table. Its classic design with a hint of the West Indies combines visual appeal with a means of relaxation.

Glass Coffee Tables

Similarly, Glass says class. Not only does a glass coffee table look fantastic, it’s affordable and will blend in with almost any decor or living space. Made with tempered glass, Bassett’s glass coffee tables are practical and durable too. And nothing says modern quite like glass.

It’s all about creating the most inviting space for you. Think about the decorative elements that bring you the most pleasure and then visit the Bassett Furniture store nearest you. You’re sure to find the glass coffee table that suits your living room decor just right. 

Wooden Coffee Tables

By contrast, Wooden coffee tables add a natural elegance to a room – one that simply cannot be attained through the use of glass or metal. The living room coffee table is perhaps the most important piece in the room as all activity tends to revolve around it. It’s where conversation begins and ends. You might say that the coffee table is the piece that holds the entire room together.

Finished wood has a rich glow, a warmth that can add ambiance to any room. They can add an element of charm and sophistication to a room – not to mention added functionality. For example, a coffee table is a great place to keep the TV remote so it doesn’t get lost, as can frequently happen. A coffee table with a drawer is ideal for storing coasters while a bottom shelf can be a great place to keep magazines or other reading material.

Round Coffee Tables

If style trumps your list, consider the 1920s Modernist ideals of our Round Coffee Table model with tapered legs as accents, or enjoy two of our smaller Cocktail table designs, which you can push together or separate for convenience and flow of your room.  To display clean lines throughout your living room, discover our gunmetal-finished iron styles. By using slate or tempered glass tops, these pieces work with any home décor and bring warmth and comfort into your home with the well-crafted wood tones.

From a practical standpoint, rounded edges mean fewer accidents – particularly if you have small children in the house. Children can run aimlessly through one’s living room, bumping into anything that may be in their path. Rounded edges can mean fewer bumps, bruises and band aids.

Square Coffee Tables

A stylish square coffee table can give an otherwise drab room an aura of chic sophistication. It can be a fashion statement, a decorative element or a highly functional piece. Or all of the above.

From a practical standpoint, square cocktail tables serve so many varied purposes including (but not limited to) that of a magazine rack, storage for the tv remote, or simply a surface to rest your drink on. Drawers enable one to store nick-nack’s or collectables in an easy to access place where you can pull them out on a moment’s notice and show them off to guests.

Small Coffee Tables

Even a small coffee table can become the focal point of your living room, so long as it complements the other pieces in the room. A well placed coffee table naturally facilitates conversation, making one ideal for rooms where one may host guests.

Large Coffee Tables

At the center of the action, your coffee table should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It should be practical in the sense that it provides adequate space for TV remotes, coasters or other items.

You’ll have plenty to choose from with Bassett’s selection of large coffee tables in various shapes and finishes. You’ll find coffee tables with drawers, shelves, and storage space, all with a large surface area for your guests. We’ve got styles for everyone from wrought iron to traditional wood, from rustic to modern.

Stop by the nearest Bassett Furniture store or shop online. Either way, you’ll find the coffee table to match the rest of your decor – and value that our competitors simply cannot match.

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