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Discover your perfect reflection within Bassett’s myriad of mirrors in different styles. We carry rectangular, oval, round, beveled, octagonal, Venetian, and arched shapes.  Mirrors provide great home decor accent pieces to upgrade the entryway of your home.  According to Feng Shui principles, placing a decorative wall mirror inside your foyer will confuse any unwanted spirits attempting to enter your home!  Whether increasing the light in a room or reflecting candlelight, oval mirrors enhance a space by making it appear larger and serve as a substitute for windows that may be lacking in your home. Any room will seem brighter and airier with our unique Palladian Gate design crafted from wrought iron that resembles a window.  This decorative wall mirror has gated doors that open and close, and the gracefully scrolled handle highlights its appeal.

If you are a shopper on a budget who wants to upgrade an outdated bathroom instantly, replace your dull existing oval mirrors with our versatile and elegant Lawford.  It blends perfectly with both contemporary and traditional bathroom hardware and décor.  Its black frame has a lustrous. raised inset molding finished in warm silver that you can hang vertically or horizontally.  Remember Bassett when you want to brighten up a corner, and don't be afraid to show off your reflection to visitors!

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