One-on-One for One-of-a-Kind Design

Updated 3/6/23


I just don’t know where to start.”

“I want my space to feel new, but I want it to feel like me – and not go out of style next year.” 

“I need the help, but I have no idea how to work with a design consultant.”

We hear you. Actually, we hear this a lot. And that’s exactly why our stores are staffed with expert design consultants, ready and waiting to be your guide through a world of style possibilities.

Even better, this insight, vision, and teamwork comes with our compliments. Free for the asking! For as much time (or as little) as you need to get exactly what you want. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even start a friendship along the way. (That can be YOU saying, “My designer friend suggested this – don’t you love it?!”)

Really, it’s not a scary process at all. We’re so easy to work with that you don’t need to know anything other than that you’re ready for something new, something comfortable, something fabulous in your living space.

Why use a design expert? 

If you look at how we all manage the rest of our life’s complexities, using a design consultant makes sense. Your accountant, your financial advisor, your landscaper – they all help you address the intricacies and burdens affecting your daily life. You know, the ones that feel like overwhelming tasks on your to-do list.

Enter a Bassett Design Consultant. Whether you’re looking for the perfect new sofa or hatching a plan for a complete room makeover, it all gets our personal design attention and skill. And that personal attention can come in as many shapes and sizes as the rooms that are clamoring for YOUR attention.


For example, you can ease into your seasonal refresh project by scheduling a virtual consultation from your home. Use your device to share ideas and images directly with your local designer, who will help you uncover how to align what you already have with what’s Bassett-new and perfect for you. If you like, start from the ground up with an area rug for a foundational transformation. Or delve into the accessories world, bringing fresh color to your eyes and new energy to your space.

What about a lighting upgrade? Explore the world of ambience with your Bassett consultant, creating the mood you want your room to exude. Soon you’ll have your home being seen in its best light as spring starts to fill your windows with sun and your gardens with color.

Is it time for a new outdoor living space?


Speaking of gardens and life bursting into bloom, this might be the perfect time to book an in-store appointment to collaborate with a Bassett designer on your outdoor living space. Why settle for a once-a-week trip to the café for al fresco dining or a once-a-season getaway to a resort when you can make yourself at home every day – and night – in your own personal oasis?

These last few years have done a lot to refocus us all towards a longstanding human trait: our health and well-being is inherently tied to an affiliation with nature. Although the latest terminology – biophilic design – may be new, the premise is not. Whatever the name, the goal is as it’s ever been: creating a healthy human habitat that keeps us connected, however uniquely, to our natural environment.

So, yes, ask a Bassett Designer to help you explore your patio design wants and needs. Our outdoor furniture is designed for indoor comfort along with looking resort-style sensational. Forget glamping to get your nature fix – you’ll be resorting-at-home, daily!

"But I just have one quick question…"

Maybe all that is more than you’re ready to consider right now. Maybe you just have an urgent question about a Bassett accent table you saw and loved, but need assurance that it goes with what you already have in your space. Go ahead – use our Live Design Help to ask for immediate insight and guidance. We think you’ll like it, us, and the resulting happy design equation: Personal Attention + Great Aesthetic Knowledge = Instant Décor Gratification.

Your perfect space is as close as your mind's eye – it's time to set your vision free!