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Choosing the right couch is a big decision when decorating your home. Outside of your bed, it is the most used piece of furniture in your house. You want it to last for many years, but you also want it to be big, comfortable, and stylish. Luckily you can choose the right couch with some simple preparation.

How To Buy A Couch

Take note of your room's size and shape. You need to know how big of a couch you can fit. If your room is small, you may want a couch and loveseat set. Or, if your room is oddly shaped, a sectional couch may be a good option.

What fabric do you prefer and will work best for your lifestyle? If you are looking to invest in a couch that will be around for a while, steer clear of offbeat designs and shapes that will go out of fashion. For something timeless, a leather couch is always a good choice.

Do you have many visitors? A sofa bed may be a good feature to have.

What qualities does your current couch have that you like and dislike?

After you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to go shopping. Be sure to test the couch by sitting on it for an extended period of time. Also, ask about the durability of the couch’s cushions, since these usually wear out first. A couch with a warranty is best for this reason.

Luckily, Bassett Furniture has many comfortable couches all in one place. Available in a range of colors outside the usual black, brown, and white, you are sure to find a couch to please any couch potato.

Or go a step further and design your own couch with our custom made furniture and design services. Plus, find out how much it will cost instantly! Don’t waste time and money getting your old furniture reupholstered.

Your search is over. With our large selection of high quality couches, Bassett Furniture is definitely the best place to buy a couch online. Shop our couches for sale below.

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