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Custom Recliners

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Talk about the ultimate stress reliever! There is nothing quite like falling back into a comfortable custom recliner after a long day at work. Feel the stress leave your body and your worries disappear as you lean back in one of our custom recliners with your feet up and a drink at your side.

No room is complete without that proverbial “comfy chair”. A custom recliner has all the characters of this idyllic furniture masterpiece. Placed next to a side table with a stylish floor lamp, a recliner can become the perfect place to read, for example. Custom recliners are the ideal place to take a long nap on a quiet Sunday afternoon, too. It may be the one and only place where our time is truly our own. Recliners with customized fabrics can add to the ambiance of a room too, so this may be a great time to take a look at your old chairs and consider replacing them with new, comfortable swivel or glider recliners.

A recliner may also be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. Custom recliner chairs make family rooms inviting to guests. They can be ideal for home office waiting rooms and in a man-cave, they are often the piece de resistance. Add a cocktail table, televised sports and a loaded pizza and you’re officially in guy heaven!

You’ll find an incredible selection of custom recliner chairs at Bassett Furniture, enabling you to find the most comfortable recliner while not having to sacrifice looks or style. Since Bassett recliners come in so many shapes, sizes and styles, you’ll be able to match any decor. When choosing a recliner with customized fabrics or leather, pick from various shade, colors and patterns designed to match your unique decor. Our craftsman will build your custom chair to your specifications and with kind of fine workmanship that has made Bassett the top name in furniture for over 100 years.

Often, when one goes about designing and building the perfect room, it becomes obvious that the space is not flowing the way it had been envisioned. Perhaps the room is a bit larger in reality than what you had imagined and it seems that there is an empty space screaming out for something to occupy it. Whether we’re talking about a living room, home office or recreation room, custom recliners often help close that gap.

Looking for a swivel recliner? No problem. Perhaps a rocker recliner? We have those too. In fact, we even have battery powered, push button recliners that automatically push your seat back or lift the foot rest for you! With Bassett, comfort is officially at your fingertips!

Stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom near you to find the perfect custom recliner for your home’s decor. Visit our HGTV HOME™ Design Studio and design the perfect family room or man cave – comfy chair and all! Those who can’t get away can shop conveniently online and check out bargains in our furniture clearance section. Whichever method you choose, you’ll receive the same top-notch service and uncompromising quality synonymous with the Bassett name.

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