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With the boom of the technology age, entertainment is delivered to us in many different forms.  With so many great televisions and home entertainment centers on the market today, you can enjoy the movie experience from the comfort of your own home with a quality, high definition TV. If you already have purchased a new television set or are thinking about it, make sure you set it up right.  Allow your experience to be as special as possible by choosing from one of Bassett Furniture’s spectacular entertainment walls or home entertainment centers. 

In fact, recent advances in home entertainment technology have enabled viewers to see events in high definition, almost as if they were there. Modern home entertainment centers and high definition pictures have enhanced the at-home experience so much that ticket sales have declined for movie theatres and sporting events. One simply cannot blame those who choose to sit at home in a comfy recliner and be entertained at a fraction of the price needed to view a live event. Why deal with traffic, parking and crowds when one can sit back in one’s own living room and enjoy the big game in high definition on a brand new TV and home entertainment center?

Advances in home entertainment furniture and technology not only mean booming, theatre-worthy sound but comfort that one cannot find in a dirty theatre. And sitting down within the comfortable confines of home can be much more enjoyable than enduring uncomfortable stadium seating. State of the art media entertainment furniture means not having to endure the elements during the winter months as well. With the wide selection of options and storage features, you’ll find the perfect entertainment units for your lifestyle and viewing habits. Best of all, modern entertainment wall units look great, too.

Whether you’re looking to add the latest media entertainment furniture to your existing living room furniture or recreation room, Bassett Furniture’s incredible assortment of versatile home entertainment units can provide a dynamic home entertainment experience while enhancing the beauty of your entertainment space.  Choose from modern or traditional designs in so many woods and wood veneers that finding the right look for your existing room decor will be a snap.

Entertainment walls and corner TV stands are made for the media room and in houses that can fit most new 40" televisions.  One features includes two bi-fold doors, which allows the perfect view from any angle.  Three outlet power strips for setting up your television are a pleasure.  A slide out back panel component storage also adds to the overall ease of use. 

Home Entertainment centers serve us in our everyday life. They provide us with the ultimate viewing experience and Bassett Furniture’s wide range offers you a perfect fit for your home. Browse our online collection here or shop our other media room furniture, like sectional couches and credenzas.

Why wait another moment? Stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom near you and browse the floor. Compare and contrast the many different options, styles and designs available to you. Then sit back and watch the big game on your new home entertainment center!

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