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Coffee & Cocktail Tables

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Coffee and Cocktail Tables for Living Rooms

Your coffee table is a flexible piece of furniture in the center of your living room or great room. These can be both stylish and functional, as they are a piece that lies at the center of your living room where you set things like coffee, a glass of wine, or a magazine.

Our furniture is built with a variety of high-quality, carefully crafted materials and designed with your living room in mind. Whether you opt for a more modern, chic style or a traditional, rustic look, Bassett's coffee tables are uniquely tailored for your living room.

What is a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are one of the most flexible pieces of furniture in your home. They normally rest in front of your living room sofa and give you a place to put knick-knacks, rest your feet, or set your food on. You can blend them in with your décor or use one as an accent piece to set the room's style.

Use wood coffee tables as an accessory, or present a dynamic focal point to your living room. At Bassett Furniture, we design tables that are not only practical but also give your room that wow factor. We create centerpieces, not afterthoughts.

Through our custom design program, you can add your own personal touch. Bring together a design and style that perfectly matches your décor and fits the dimensions of your living space.

Storage Coffee Tables

Along with the stylishness that a coffee table can bring, they can also be very functional pieces for extra storage. Use your extra storage space to organize remote controls, stack books, or add decorative items.

Some storage coffee tables even have drawers or open shelving. Bassett's beautiful selection is designed in a way that brings style in functionality together seamlessly. Keep your living room organized and tidy with extra modularity and freedom.

BenchMade Furniture

At Bassett, we’re dedicated to an old-fashioned work ethic. We design and build high-quality coffee tables with close attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. With our BenchMade line, our artisan craftsmen create furniture to suit your needs and style one piece at a time.

Choose from maple or oak wood and a beautiful finish of your choice. Topped with a conversion varnish, your solid wood table will be protected from everyday life and stay durable for years to come.

What Shape of Coffee Table Should I Buy?

Coffee tables are often chosen after sofas and other décors, making them the last piece of the puzzle when designing a living room. The perfect distance from your sofa to your coffee table is 18 inches, which is generally a good arm's length. For added comfort, make sure the height of the coffee or cocktail table is two inches below the height of your sofa.

If you have a standard sofa, a rectangular coffee table is typically a good choice, as one of these will best fit your space. On the other hand, if you have a large sectional, a square coffee table may be the best fit.

If your living room furniture tends to wrap around your area rug, consider getting a round or square size coffee table. The uniformity of each edge will make it easy for everyone to reach the coffee table without having to reach it, and the perfect size will fill empty space around the living room area. For those who have children or smaller spaces, avoiding corners may be important. In this case, round and oval coffee tables are preferable.

Are Low Coffee Tables in Style?

Yes, these kinds of tables can look fantastic in family rooms and living rooms. A low profile makes it easy to rest your feet on and can act in place of an ottoman. The shorter look also gives it a unique look for your room and can serve as the accent piece in your furniture set. They're great for kids, too, since younger children won't have any issues putting things on the tabletop.

Bassett offers a range of short coffee tables. Visit us in-store or check out our selection online to see which one would look best in your home.

What's Trending in Coffee Tables?

Living room design trends are constantly changing, and coffee tables aren't exempt from this. Contemporary design is all about eccentricity and simplicity, with a minimalist focus being popular in many homes today. Why buy furniture that's square or circular when you can buy furniture of other shapes?

Coffee tables shaped like a hexagon, a trapezoid, or even abstract shapes are in vogue. Additionally, bright colors are in, making the coffee table a signature accent piece for your home. Neon colors can make a room with traditional furniture pop.

The modern farmhouse look will always be relevant, but trendy furniture is moving towards minimalism and rounded corners.

What Can Coffee Tables be Used For?

Coffee tables are useful for a variety of reasons. Use it to kick up your feet and watch TV after a long day. Cover it with your favorite trinkets and decorations, like vases, books, and potted plants. Use it as a tray to serve meals and drinks to your friends and family.

Create a homey feel and add whatever you want to on your coffee table. Don't forget to make the design you want your own.

How Big are Coffee Tables?

Coffee tables can vary in size, but most of them are 18 to 24 inches wide, 36 to 48 inches long, and 16 to 18 inches tall. This makes the accent piece a sizable addition to any room, so it's important to make sure there's plenty of clearance around the table for people to walk around. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel cramped in your room, so plan the size of your table accordingly.

Find The Coffee Table That Is Right For You

Stop by a Bassett showroom near you and see our collection of stylish coffee tables. Get inspired by the new looks and innovative design. Then, when you’re ready, book an appointment with a Bassett design consultant. They’ll help you turn inspiration into reality with furniture that looks beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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