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Sofa + Console Tables

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Sofa & Console Tables for Any Room

A decorative console table can be an ideal way to add some character to a room. Give your foyer or hallway some personality with a console table designed with your decor in mind. A sofa and console table combination can add that special something missing from your living room for so long.

Look at our sofa & console table collections, and you'll wonder why you hadn't stopped by earlier. Shop a wide variety of hallway table styles, shapes, and designs guaranteed to inspire and delight.

Choosing the Right Sofa Tables

Maybe you need a table to line the wall near your entryway but don't know how to choose one. What styles should you be looking at for your sofa table? How big should your new table be? Here are a few considerations to think about before making the final decision:


How long and wide is your entryway or hallway? Measure the area's dimensions around where you plan to place your new console table. Be sure to leave plenty of room for the table while also giving others enough room to walk around the area.


Consider a console table with storage if your hallway isn't large enough for the number of items you want to store on the console table. An added drawer can be the difference between a cluttered and an organized tabletop. We also offer console tables with shelves to give you more options for decorating your entryway. Add vases, plants, books, and more to these shelves to present your entrance with extra flair and style.


All entryway furniture should accent the theme of its surroundings. At Bassett, we craft our console tables with various styles and materials. For a more rustic design, consider our solid wood designs. If you want a modern theme, our Linville Console Table is sure to add a chic and exciting look near the entrance of your home.

We've covered all the bases to help you design the perfect hallways and entrances for your home. Our selection includes various materials and designs, including wood console tables, which give you tons of choices to guide your design decisions. For more tips about entryway furniture, check out our blog post on entry spaces.

Bassett's Promise to High-Quality Furniture

Our designers and artisan furniture makers have been working overtime, creating new and exciting dining tables, console tables, sofas, and accent chairs with an attention to detail that harkens back to the early days of furniture making. Solid, sturdy design meets handcrafted wood and metal to create beautiful and functional tables with natural materials.

When you shop at Bassett Furniture, you can rest assured that your sofa table will be stylish, functional, and built with quality in mind.

Accent Tables FAQs

Where does a console table go?

Most people put their console tables in the dining room, hallway, foyer, master bathroom, sunroom, or living room. Console tables typically function as a home decor storage piece, an end table beside a sofa, or a television stand. In all reality, you can put a console table anywhere in your home as long as it does not make the space look cramped.

How do I decorate a console table?

How you decorate your console table is really up to you and where you decide to place it in your home. You might decorate it with family pictures, flowers, or unique pottery pieces if it's an entry table. If you're using it as a side table next to a sofa, you might decorate it with a lamp and vintage pictures. If you decide to put your narrow console table in the hallway, you might decorate it with seasonal home decor. You should also keep in mind your console table's construction materials. A console table made of solid wood may display decor with a much different vibe than a table with a metal frame and glass shelves. As you can imagine, the design possibilities are endless.

How long are console tables?

Our designers say console tables can measure between 24 and 48 inches long. However, some console tables can be as long as 7 feet. Ultimately, there is no set length for how long a console table has to be, and our suggestion is to shop for a console table based on your available space.

What's the difference between a sofa table and a console table?

Sofa tables are typically shorter in length, positioned at the end of a sofa to store small items. Console tables are a little more versatile. They are usually longer than sofa tables and can function well in any room with available space. If the area and design allow, they can also be used as television stands and entry tables.

How tall are console tables?

There is no set height for how tall console tables have to be. However, most people want their console tables to be just an inch or two taller than the height of the arms of their sofa. Slightly taller than your sofa arms is optimal for a console table because it will allow you to place items on the table without much effort.

Buy Console Tables from Bassett Furniture

There are tons of console tables and other foyer furniture displayed at every Bassett Furniture store, and that makes for a lot of new designs and fresh styles to consider.

But don't worry; we won't let you get bogged down with too many choices. Avoid analysis paralysis by requesting assistance from our in-store team. Not only will our design consultants help you picture what's possible, but they can also assist you in re-designing your entire living room.

Visit a Bassett store closest to you to find ideas and inspiration for your new home furniture.

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