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Accent & End Tables

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Living Room Accent End Tables

While the end table (or side table) is perhaps the most functional table or piece of furniture in your living room, it's easy to overlook as an essential style statement. As a decorative piece of your living room furniture, a place for a lamp and décor, or a pedestal for your TV snacks, the end table adds a multi-functional element to living and family rooms. Whether you lean toward modern or rustic, Bassett can help you find a side table for your living room to fit your style and budget.

Preview the Bassett collection of end tables for living rooms, and you'll be amazed at the wide variety of beautiful designs, shapes, and styles available to you. From mixed media such as metal frames and stone to wood end tables, our living room end tables are a blend of fine craftsmanship and beautiful custom finishes. Choose from a variety of materials, including hardwood, stone, metal-framed, and more. Add a chairside table, sofa table, bedside table, or other custom end table to your living room, bedroom, or dining room furniture collection with Bassett.

Cornered or Rounded End Tables?

Choosing the right shape for your end table can be determined by your needs, existing furniture, and the theme of your living space. If you currently have a lot of living room furniture with square/rectangular shapes or sharp edges, you can't go wrong with choosing a round side table. Round side tables are also a great choice if you have children or less available space (and want to avoid bumping into corners).

On the other hand, if your upholstery and surrounding furniture are round-shaped, or if you want more space to set things on, a square or rectangular-shaped end table may be a better choice. While end tables with cornered surfaces take up more room, they also have more surface space. Rectangular end tables are stylish, make great bedside tables, and feel great in almost any home environment. Sofa tables complement long sectionals very well too!

Storage Side Tables

Because they are probably among the most functional pieces in your living room, end tables can be stylish accent tables that are also excellent pieces for storage. Storage side-tables from Bassett offer the best of both worlds, offering generous storage space with flawless design. Storage side tables create extra space for remotes, magazines, tablets, and other items. With a storage side table, you can create more surface space to help keep your living room looking more tidy and spacious.

Small accent tables with additional storage can decorate a room with elegance while keeping the form factor of your room organized and tidy. Our storage side tables can add life to your room, even in small spaces, without taking up too much room. Add a storage side table to hide belongings and organize your room.

Custom End Tables

Our BenchMade line of custom end-tables and other solid wood furniture exemplifies what handcrafted, artisan furniture is all about. Every custom hardwood end-table is made one at a time by one of our skilled furniture makers in the same Appalachian town Bassett Furniture began from the highest quality materials found worldwide. You won't find an assembly line anywhere at our Bassett, Virginia furniture shop.

BenchMade furniture is the culmination of our 100-year-old commitment to you. It's the way the furniture is meant to be made.

FAQs Regarding Accent Tables

How many end tables should be in a living room?

Our designers here at Bassett say most houses have an average of 3 vintage end tables in their living room. You typically want a home decor end table on either end of the most significant piece of sitting furniture. You may also want an end table beside the most prominent chair in your living room. There is just something about accent tables that seems to even out the space. If you run out of space in your living room to put an end table, you can always put one in your bedroom to use as a nightstand.

How tall should end tables be?

Our designers say standard end table height ranges between 18 and 24 inches, with an average width of 16 to 22 inches. A good rule of thumb is that you do not want your end table to be more than 1 or 2 inches taller than the height of the arms on your sofa or chair. A little higher than your sofa is optimal because it allows the seated person to place items on the table without extra effort.

How to decorate end tables?

Although it is not a set rule, most people decorate their end tables with lamps, pictures of their family, or cherished pottery pieces.

What kind of end tables goes with leather furniture?

Our design experts say complementary or contrasting colors are perfectly acceptable design options if you're concerned about a color scheme. Complementary colors will draw out the color of your leather sofa and make it stand out while contrasting colors will draw attention to the other furniture pieces in your living room.

If you're more concerned about the shape of your side end tables, you should first consider the design of your leather sofa. If your sofa features hard lines, you should consider an accent table with curved lines such as a circular or oval shape. If the featured lines of your sofa are more curved, you could try a side end table that features straighter lines.

Do my end tables need to match?

As long as the sizes and styles of your accent tables are relatively the same, they do not have to match. Having different accent tables can bring extra life to your room.

Where to Buy End Tables from Bassett Furniture?

Stop by your nearby Bassett location and browse our showroom floor. Check out the fabulous new designs we've recently introduced to our line of end tables and other living room furniture. Get inspired and visualize the perfect end tables for your home.

When you're ready, speak with one of our insightful design consultants. Learn about the many options available through our custom design program.

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