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Chaise Lounge Chairs

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Find Comfort and Relaxation with a Chaise Lounge from Bassett Furniture

Every home needs a quiet place to lean back, stretch out and relax with a great book or a streamed show on your smartphone or laptop. 

You might think you have this need covered with a great living room couch. And, you might very well be right. But, living room couches tend to be popular places, which makes them difficult to commandeer for personal use. 

You may also consider heading to your bedroom. But, your bed isn't designed for comfortable upright seating. And, who wants to make their bed multiple times a day? 

There are many places around the home to sit back and relax. But, the seating option that best fits the job description is a chaise lounge. Chaises are a great choice when you're looking to temporarily shut out the world of screaming kids, ringing phones and blaring TV news anchors, and enjoy a moment all to yourself. 

Chaise lounges are designed for personal use. But, if you really want to share the gift of your personal time with someone special, an oversized chaise lounge is the option you should consider. 

Shop an extraordinary selection of chaise lounges in Bassett Furniture's living room collection and find your personal relaxation oasis today. 

What Is a Chaise Lounge? (And What It Isn't)

A chaise can be described as an accent chair with an extended seat with room for your legs and feet. Or, as a small, upholstered sofa for one. The defining elements of a chaise lounge are a long, upholstered seat and a soft back that allows the user to lean back comfortably in an upright or semi-upright position. 

Chaises come equipped with one armrest, two armrests, or no armrests at all. These elegant chairs are perfectly at home as stand-alone furniture pieces, but can also be found as part of a sectional sofa arrangement. 

Best Spots for Your Chaise Lounge

The best spot for your chaise lounge is any place where your peaceful relaxing personal time will not be interrupted. Don't have one of those? Consider creating one. 

A great reading nook doesn't require a whole lot of space. Just place your chaise lounge by your living room window and a bookcase, pair it with a small end table... and, voila. Or, craft a cozy conversation area in the den with a chaise, a couple of accent chairs and a coffee table. 

Your living and entertaining space isn't the only spot suitable for a chaise lounge. Your bedroom can be a wonderful setting for personal R and R. And, don't forget your patio – catching rays on an outdoor chaise in your backyard never felt so good. 

Tailor Your Chaise Lounge to Your Taste and Style

At Bassett Furniture, we build your chaise to order. Your chaise lounge won't be coming from some warehouse. It gets built only after all the design decisions are final. This means that you have the opportunity to customize your chaise to your personal taste and style. 

A lot goes into a great piece of furniture. But, don't worry, we're here to help through every step of the design process. 

To get started customizing your new chaise lounge, schedule a consultation appointment with one of our in-store design associates. 

Visit Bassett Furniture

Looking for more than just a great selection of chaise lounges? Find a Bassett Furniture store nearest you today and come check out some great examples of high-quality furniture. 

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