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Create Your Dream Loveseat at Bassett Furniture

Incredibly versatile and easy to appreciate, loveseats can add comfort and style to almost any room in your home. Loveseats are a perfect complement to your sofa, a large living room sectional, or as seating for your guest room. Bassett Furniture loveseats and settees fulfill any number of roles in your home.

Have a room in your house that needs a particular type and style of loveseat? Design the perfect custom loveseat to meet your exact furnishing needs. Check out all the options in Bassett Furniture's line of beautiful small space loveseats. We let you choose everything from the frame type and seat depth, to the fabric type and upholstering color.

Loveseat Arm & Seat Sizing

The average loveseat will have a seat height between 19 to 22 inches above the floor. A loveseat's arms should be high enough to support your arms without you needing to raise your shoulders at all. If you have to raise your shoulder to rest your arm, it usually becomes uncomfortable over time. A good standard size for a loveseat armrest is about 7 to 9 inches higher than the seat height.

Be the Loveseat Designer And Customize Your Own

If you want complete control to bring your exact loveseat design to life, you've come to the right place. Bassett puts all the tools you need at your fingertips in our Bassett Design Studio. Check out our Room Planner, which recreates the space you're furnishing. You can also visit the digital Fabric Workroom, which showcases a myriad of upholstered options.

Bassett empowers you to drive the entire design process. Get started by making an appointment or scheduling a quick 10-15 minute call with our in-house design consultants.

Our Loveseat Collections

Loveseat Sofa FAQs

Do I have space for a loveseat?

Not every living space has enough room for two full sofas or a sectional; that's where loveseats from Bassett Furniture come in. Browse through our inventory to find the loveseat that perfectly compliments the other furniture pieces in your living room.

How long are loveseats?

The average length of a loveseat is 50 to 65 inches.

How deep are loveseats?

Standard loveseat depth ranges from 30 to 40 inches.

Are loveseats outdated?

If you ask our customers and designers, absolutely not! Loveasts are functional for small spaces and room design efficiency. To make it even better, Bassett has plenty of loveseat designs for you to choose from.

What does loveseat mean?

A standard sofa has at least three seats identified by three individual seat cushions and an arm at either end. A loveseat has no middle seat cushion, so it's just a more petite sofa with two seats. The "loveseat" name came to be since they seat up to two people quite closely together.

Buy Loveseats From Bassett Furniture

As the preeminent name in fine furniture, Bassett Furniture earned its reputation by crafting the highest quality furniture. We construct every piece of furniture to withstand the test of time.

Experience the quality of our craftsmanship in person by visiting a Bassett Furniture store near you.

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