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Find a Terrific Selection of Recliners at Bassett Furniture

If you desire the maximum amount of personal comfort in your living room seating or entertainment space, there's only one option to consider – a recliner chair from Bassett Furniture.

Recliners can be an excellent choice for other areas of your home, including your bedroom, nursery, study/office, or library. A recliner is perfect for any room in your home where you or your guests could enjoy some decadent, luxurious seating.

Find your dream recliner chair today by shopping Bassett Furniture's extensive online selection.

FAQs Regarding Lounge Recliners

Are Electric Recliners Worth It?

If you're concerned about ease of use, powered recliners are worth it. Although our customers have never complained about our push-back recliners, many people enjoy the luxury of simply having to push a button for the footrest to come up and the headrest to ease back. Electric recliners are the quickest way to reach relaxation.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Recliner?

Typically the most critical factor when buying a recliner is the amount of space you have to fill. So it's essential to keep the dimensions in mind of both the regular and reclined position. Most people jump straight to the size they need, but that might not always be the best move. What good is a recliner that fits your space if it's not comfortable? So when shopping for comfort, it's essential to consider how the recliner feels on your lower back, shoulders, and head.

Common Recliner Widths

Consider your body size/type and what function the recliner will serve when deciding which size of recliner you need.

A recliner that runs 25 inches to 39 inches is usually best suited for a single person sitting normally. If you'd prefer to lay on your side, use the recliner for sleeping, or possibly relating with another person, a 40 inch plus recliner might be a better fit.

Common Recliner Heights

We measure most recliner seat heights from the chair's bottom to the top of where it will recline–or the "head" of the chair. A larger height measurement means it will recline back more.

Common Recliner Depths

There's no "standard" seat depth that is guaranteed to be comfy. It all depends if you prefer to sit normally or relax and tuck your leg under or curl up with a blanket. You can measure seat depth from the front-most point to the back of the seat.

Bottom Cushion Style

• Blend Down
• Standard Poly
• Upgrades Available In Store

Back Cushion Style

• Boxed Attached
• Boxed Semi-Attached
• Knife Semi-Attached
• More Options Available In Store

Is A Traditional Or Modern Recliner Better For Your Home?

Our in-house design team stays on the cutting edge of furniture trends. As a result, we can deliver a line of chair recliners that appeals to a wide range of tastes and styles.

You'll find a bevy of options to match a rustic, traditional, or classic motif. Or, choose from plenty of styles of modern and contemporary recliners.

The best recliners, regardless if they are traditional, modern, fabric, or leather, will allow you to kick your feet up and forget your troubles.

Whatever your preferences, our design associates can help you make the right selections to meet your vision. Schedule a consultation appointment today.

Are Recliners Bad For Your Back?

Many experts say that you should find a chair that allows you to recline for the best posture.

What Is The Best Material For Recliners?

Our artisans at Bassett have found that fabric or leather seems to be a popular material for a recliner in your home. However, we have a variety of both durable fabric and luxurious leather recliner options from which to choose.

Where To Buy Bassett Furniture?

Try out all the great recliner chairs on display at the Bassett Furniture store nearest you. Come in to see all of the reclining chair options we have available.

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