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Rocker Recliners

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Sink into Relaxation With a Reclining Rocker Chair

Is there a favorite chair in your house? One preferred by pretty much every member of the family (even the pets)? If your home is graced with such a special piece of furniture, the odds are good that it's a rocker recliner chair.

Rocker recliners are always popular. Why? Because its extraordinary comfort never goes out of style.

If your home is missing this essential seating option, you've come to the right place to fill in this important gap. Lean back and let yourself experience the true comfort of a rocker recliner, built by the premier name in luxury furniture.

Find a great selection of recliner rocking chairs to sink into by shopping Bassett Furniture's extensive online inventory.

Rocker Recliner vs. Glider Recliner: What's the Difference?

The basic difference between a rocker recliner and a glider is in the motion of the seat. Rocking recliner chairs have a back and forth motion that changes the angle of the back of the chair relative to the floor. While enjoying a rocker recliner, you'll feel more of an up and down movement.

The swivel glider recliner's motion tends to be smoother and has less vertical movement. The movement is contained in the same horizontal plane.

Both types of recliners provide a great level of comfort and versatility. In fact, both are popular choices for nurseries.

Perfect Place for a Swivel Rocker Recliner

Not only do rocker recliners move back and forth, but they can also swivel from side to side. This adds another dimension of motion to an already multifaceted piece of furniture.

When does that extra motion come in handy? With a swivel recliner, you'll always have that perfect viewing angle for that blockbuster movie or big football game. It's also easy to switch from watching TV to facing your kids. Having a family get-together? Turn to face the couch and engage them without arching your neck around the chair.

Swivel rocker recliners are great in the living room, the media room, or any open concept layout.

Rocking Recliners for Napping and Lounging

There's a reason why the recliner rocker was your grandpa's favorite chair. It's great for taking naps. In fact, you may have noticed that your grandpa preferred to sleep in his rocking recliner over going to his own bed. Who would've thought?

A night in a reclining rocker can also alleviate certain types of back pain and help with acid reflux. Recliners can make even a popular choice for pregnant women who find sleep in a bed more difficult during later stages of pregnancy. They're great for quietly rocking new babies to sleep too.

Materials and Styles

At Bassett, we offer a range of styles and materials for your recliners. Accent your living room with a fabric recliner with a variety of colors and upholstery types. Choose a durable leather upholstery for your recliner and add a rich, distinguished look to your media room.

Choose from several unique styles to match your living room as well. The Bedford and Newport style of chairs are popular and work with many living room spaces. They're also endlessly customizable to meet your needs.

History of the Recliner

Recliner chairs have come a long way. Historians can trace the story of the recliner all the way back to ancient Egypt and the fancy daybeds used by pharaohs, called "lines." The recliner took its current, modern form in the 1850s when the French came up with a reclining device that allowed a daybed to morph into multiple positions. Those included a chair, bed, and chaise lounge. Napoleon III owned one of the very first recliner chairs.

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