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Create Your Perfect Sectional Sofa at Bassett Furniture

Create your perfect multi-seat arrangement with a sectional sofa from Bassett Furniture. The flexibility of sectional couches and sofas allows you the freedom to design your entertainment space any way you like. And with the ability to add in various independent elements, you can match the functionality to a multitude of seating needs. 

Shop Bassett Furniture's extensive online selection of sectional sofas and sectional couches. 

What Is a Sectional Sofa? 

A popular choice for living room seating, sectional sofas are assembled from several independent sections that come together to form a variety of different arrangements.

Unlike traditional sofas and couches, sectionals do not play by the same conventional rules. Sectional sofas are terrific for combining several different seating elements, fusing diverse seating styles into one comfortable, multi-functional, harmonic creation.  

For example, instead of a typical sofa end, your sectional can feature a romantic loveseat to share all those cuddly moments together. Or, create the ultimate spot for solo indulgence with a comfy recliner seat. 

In fact, your sectional elements don't even have to be designed for sitting. Many favorite configurations include a chaise bed as one of the sectional end pieces. Others even come with as a sleeper option. 

What Shapes Do Sofa Sectionals Come In?

In addition to incorporating many different elements, your sectional couch can also be assembled in a number of distinct shapes. Each shape has its advantages and delivers optimum performance for a unique function. 

U-shaped SectionalIf the goal is to provide as many seats as possible to spark engaging conversations and uproarious laughter, U-shaped sofa sectionals are the way to go. Combine a central couch section with two- or three-seat sofa end pieces and you'll almost have enough space to seat a full soccer team. This style of sectional works best in large rooms or spaces. 

L-shaped Sectional: This most common type of sectional typically combines a three-seat sofa with a two-seat end section arranged in an L. Of course, the seat count is adjustable, as is the end piece. A chaise, for example, is a common substitute. An L-shape sectional is extremely versatile, working equally well tucked in a corner of a smaller room or as a centerpiece in medium-sized and larger space. 

Curved Sectionals: These are definitely the drama queens of the sectional universe. Stylish and elegant, curved sectional resemble refined works of art more-so than a conventional seating platform. Theses sofas scream to be placed in the middle of a room as an intriguing conversation piece. 

Chaise Sectional: Compact and petite, the chaise sectional blends in a chaise with a typical three-seater sofa. The small footprint means that a chaise sectional is a great option for rooms of any size. And it still gives you the option of stretching out.  

Pit Sectional: Another great option for getting the conversation going is the pit sectional. The design in its most compact mode begs you to toss off your shoes and climb aboard to sit cross-legged on a large, pillowy surface. Open up the sectional by extracting the enclosed ottoman for more traditional seating arrangements. 

Durable Sectional Sofas

The men and women who take part in designing and building our sectional sofas are dedicated to our commitment to quality, playing a large role in continuing Bassett’s rich tradition as a high-quality American furniture company that has lasted over 100 years. From the stitching material all the way down to the frame, Bassett sectional sofas are meticulously assembled. To ensure maximum comfort, support, and durability, each Bassett sectional is made with an interlocking frame design, thicker laminated hardwood, and drop-in coil or sinuous wire foundations.

Comfortable Sectional Sofas

We want the experience you have with your Bassett sectional to be as pleasantly delightful as possibly. To ensure a maximal level of comfort, we take every detail very seriously; each of our sectionals are fitted with fully upholstered cushions and arms, encased pillow cores, and channeled polyester fill-back cushions.

Custom Sectional Sofas

What piece of furniture receives the most action in your living room? The sofa, of course. It's the foundation of any great family room design. And, that means that proper thought and planning must be given to choosing your perfect living room centerpiece. With nearly unlimited shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and design options to choose from, we can help you create the perfect sectional sofa, one that fits your style and living space.

Leather Sectional Sofas

A gorgeous leather sectional sofa is the centerpiece of your living room. An American classic, Bassett’s leather sectional sofas add a rugged elegance to your living room. Along with their timeless look, leather sofas are extremely durable and are said to become even more comfortable and beautiful as they age.

Fabric Sectional Sofas

Fabric sectional sofas are one of the most comfortable and versatile sofa styles. In addition to the structural flexibility that characterizes all of our sectionals, you can choose from over 800 fabrics, allowing for you to choose from unlimited configurations with nearly every shape, performance fabric, texture, color, and design style you can think of.

Get Help with Your Sectional Design  

There are many different options to consider when contemplating the perfect sectional sofa for your home. Let our in-store design associates help you in your selection process. Schedule a consultation appointment online or visit a Bassett Furniture store nearest you. 


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