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Small Furniture

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Get Cozy with Small Space Furniture from Bassett

There are some benefits to having less space to furnish and decorate – like, not having to thin out your wallet too much. And, there are great small space furniture options to be found that can make any space feel cozy and comfortable, and still have a luxurious, upscale feel. 

At Bassett Furniture, we make high quality furniture that looks great in all sorts of living spaces – from cavernous mountain chalets to your typical New York studio apartment.

Looking for great furniture for small spaces in your home? We got you covered. Check out Bassett Furniture's extensive online selection of small space furniture. 

Furniture for Small Living Rooms 

One way to make a small living room feel bigger is by including mirrors in your room design. Small rooms often are left lacking in the light category. Mirrors serve to amplify light which can add a more airy dimension to the space. They can also create the illusion of more space than actually exists. 

Mirrors are a great small space furniture hack. Add a tall mirror to your living room design, or hang several smaller mirrors on your main wall. Bassett Furniture's collection of mirrors features plenty of stylish options. 

Another great trick for small rooms is furniture that doubles as storage. Storage ottomans are a perfect example. Not only can they hide your magazines, remotes and blankets, they are also multi-dimensional in their applied use. One minute, the ottoman is a seat for your guests; the next, it's acting as the perfect serving surface for chips and dip (with a nice serving tray, of course). 

Rugs are another way to tie together a small space and make it feel natural. The trick is finding the right size rug. You want one that occupies the large majority of the living room, so that most of your other furniture will sit on it. 

Furniture for Small Space Bedrooms 

A small bedroom is not an uncommon occurrence. Just like with small living rooms, there are plenty of smart solutions that maximize your limited bedroom space. 

If your small bedroom also lacks the necessary storage options, adding a bed with storage can relieve some of the clutter. Counterintuitively, an oversized chair (or, a chair-and-a-half) can actually be a boon for efficient space utilization, as it offers more space than a regular chair and takes up less room than a loveseat. 

A nightstand is a must in your small bedroom, as it provides additional surface area and storage for all of your jewelry, magazines and other knick-knacks. 

Visit Bassett Furniture

You'll find lots of great small space furniture options to fill out your home in our online collections. But, to experience the exquisite quality of our furniture, you'll have to come see us in person. We hope to see you soon at a Bassett Furniture store nearest you

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