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Find Great Patio Umbrellas to Add to Your Outdoor Furniture

When the weather starts to get warm, there's a rush to rediscover all the great outdoor spaces around your home. The patio and backyard, which were patiently waiting for your attention throughout the cold, winter months, now spring to life with unbridled activity. It's time to get out and soak up the sunshine! 

But, if you're going to be spending significant portions of your day outside, you'll need a little something to keep you from absorbing too much of the sun's rays. A patio umbrella will not only provide a cool shaded area for you and your house guests to enjoy, but it also makes a stylish addition to your backyard. 

Shop a great selection of patio umbrellas from Bassett Furniture's outdoor accessories collection. 

Choosing the Best Spot for Your Outdoor Umbrella 

A patio umbrella is an indispensable backyard accessory that will keep you and your guests cool and comfortable through the high heat of a summer day. But, is there an optimal location to enjoy the benefits?

There are probably a number of different spots in your backyard that could accommodate an outdoor umbrella. However, when choosing the best location, make sure to leave enough space from walls, windows, tree branches and other hazards for the umbrella to open unencumbered.

Yard umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes, with some of the most popular measuring 108 inches (9 feet) in diameter. So, you'll want to leave at least 5 feet of open space from the center of the canopy.   

So, what are some of the most common backyard locations for an outdoor umbrella? 

Outdoor table

If you love having summer dinners out in your backyard, an outdoor table umbrella makes a ton of sense. 


Yes, you'll probably want to stretch out for some tanning action when you're sitting out by the pool. But, you can have too much of a good thing. When it comes time to give your skin a break, it's good to have some ready made shade at your disposal. 

By an outdoor sofa or sectional  

A patio umbrella is a great accessory for an outdoor sofa or sectional. Try to match the size of the sofa to the wing span of the canopy, so you can enjoy a great book or a conversation with your guests in the comforts of a cool shade.  

In the garden

Want to enjoy the fruits of your gardening efforts? A garden umbrella for the green thumbs is a prudent choice. 

Choosing Your Outdoor Umbrella Material

At Bassett Furniture, we custom make your patio umbrella to order. That means you are not stuck with a limited selection of canopy material. Let our team of design consultants help you design your perfect patio umbrella. Schedule a design consultation appointment today.  

Visit Bassett Furniture

Looking to upgrade your outdoor patio furniture? Get inspired by the great selection of outdoor patio furniture available at Bassett Furniture. Find the Bassett Furniture store nearest you and come in for a visit today. 

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