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There are a lot of articles and tutorials written on how to choose a recliner, but ultimately it comes down to a few important details.

How To Buy a Recliner

The first thing to do when you find a recliner you like is to make sure it is of quality construction. Check to see that the fabric and cushioning is free of lumps. Lumps are a sign of inferior padding. Also, nonmoving parts break first so inspect the underside and frame. Look for sturdy construction and heavy screws. Walk away from recliners with plastic pieces or sloppy looking fasteners.

Next, test comfort. Sit on the recliner for at least five minutes. Does the cushioning remain firm or does it start to become soft?

Then, open the recliner. How easy was it to open? Does it support your feet, head, and neck?

Lastly, look for a guarantee. Recliners must be comfortable, but also stand the test of repetitive opening and closing. A guarantee shows that the company will stand behind their product.

If you are shopping for living room furniture, Bassett is the best place to buy a qualityrecliner chair. With our large online selection, you can choose from options like leather or fabric and swivel or rocker, and then quickly find your local store to test it out. And we always guarantee our products. 

Our long history of making quality chairs ensures that you are getting the most comfortable and durable recliners from the company who makes the best recliners. Choose from our selection below or shop by fabric or leather.

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