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Round Coffee Tables

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Turn a living room from forgettable to fascinating with a stylish round coffee table from Bassett Furniture. Complete your living room with a centerpiece that speaks to your good taste and sophistication - one that compliments your existing decor in such a way as to bring out the colors and textures that make your room uniquely appealing and inviting.

Round coffee tables are inclusive by their very nature. Sleek, rounded edges are symbolic of free movement and can elevate your state of mind as well as demonstrating your good taste in decor. Rounded edges also serve a very practical purpose. It becomes easier to pass along and share photo albums and other memorabilia when one does not need to watch out for sharp corners or uncomfortable edges.

A round coffee table should properly accent your couch or living room sofas. The styles should be consistent and share similar lines. Since your coffee or cocktail table will likely sit in front of your sofa or sectional, you’ll want to make sure that the clean, curved lines in your adjacent furniture copy the lines in your couch, carrying the same aesthetic throughout the entire room. Be cognizant of other accent pieces within your living room to make sure they too, match your newly selected coffee table.

From a practical standpoint, rounded edges mean fewer accidents – particularly if you have small children in the house. Children can run aimlessly through one’s living room, bumping into anything that may be in their path. Rounded edges can mean fewer bumps, bruises and band aids.

With a convenient second tier shelf, a round coffee table can also provide a place to keep books, TV remotes or photo albums. Some have drawers or lift tops providing easy access to essential items or valuables. Bassett’s collection of round coffee tables speaks to more than your good taste, each is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind.

Select from wood, metal or glass coffee tables. We’ve got them all, each made of the highest quality materials and backed by Bassett’s superb reputation, built by over 100 years of serving the most discernable furniture customers.

Stop by the nearest Bassett Furniture store or shop online. Either way, you’ll find the round coffee table to match the rest of your decor – and value that our competitors simply cannot match.
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