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Sleeper Chairs


Sometimes the best way to prepare for the week ahead is to just relax and enjoy your weekend.  Perhaps on a Sunday afternoon you want to just enjoy hanging out in your living room and watch the big game.  Sometimes the perfect rejuvenation comes from a relaxing nap on your favorite sleeper chair.

Bassett Furniture wants to help you find that perfect balance of relaxation and comfort.  We are committed to providing this but also maintaining the style of your home.  Sleeper chairs are the ideal marriage of comfort and style that will help you relax and prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle of the coming week.  Find the perfect loveseat to put in any room of your house which may also be the perfect place to enjoy any lazy day that you get to relax.  Our particular models come with a tight back and round socket arms to increase the level of comfort delivered to you. A good sleeper chair will match your already lovely furniture.  A sleeper-chair maintains a simple design which easily complements any room in the house.  It comes with semi-attached back cushions to provide a plusher feel.   The cushions are backed with a lifetime guarantee to support you for years to come.

Bassett Furniture is here to provide you with the feel and fit of comfort mixed with style.  Our furniture is aimed at making life more comfortable and our sleeper chairs only add to the appeal of your home.

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