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Sofa Beds

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A sofa bed is a sofa with a bed built-in to it. Fitting beneath the sofa’s cushions, the bed folds in half or thirds to be discretely concealed, but also folds out easily and quickly for quick bed-making.

Sofa beds are a great option. Instead of having to devote a room to guests, a sofa bed allows you to provide sleeping to any visitor and then stows safely away when not in use.

How to Buy a Sofa Bed

It is very important to buy a quality sofa bed. Although infrequently slept on, no one wants to be responsible for their guests’ bad night of sleep. Some things to look for in a sofa bed are sturdy and quality construction. Anything that can loosen, like nails or staples, should be avoided. The bed frame should be of steel construction and the sofa frame itself should be of wood. The mattress  should fold easily in and out. Also, be sure to test the mattress. Have a heavier companion sit on the bed for an extended period of time. This will tell you if the bed will be comfortable in the long run.

Bassett’s Sofa Beds

Bassett offers a wide range of stylish, discreet, but most of all, quality sofa beds. Looking for a leather sofa bed? We’ve got it. Fabric? We have that too. Bassett also offers twin and queen sofa beds, both in sleeper chair and sectional sofa size.  We also have sofa sets  to coordinate your whole room. With so many options, it’s hard not to find something that will work with your home.

Browse our collection of sofa beds below to find the perfect compliment to your room.

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