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Square Coffee Tables

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While many designers would consider a cocktail or coffee table an accent piece, a stylish square coffee table can be so much more.

An elegant, well-placed coffee table can be the centerpiece of a room and define its purpose. For example, a square coffee table placed at the same or lower level than your sofa or reclining sofa can help facilitate conversation around a wedding album or scrap book. Its shape can define the space, allowing each participant the same access to all it contains, both within and on its top surface. It can become an indispensable element in your home’s feng shui or spatial relationships.

A stylish square coffee table can give an otherwise drab room an aura of chic sophistication. It can be a fashion statement, a decorative element or a highly functional piece. Or all of the above.

From a practical standpoint, square cocktail tables serve so many varied purposes including (but not limited to) that of a magazine rack, storage for the tv remote, or simply a surface to rest your drink on. Drawers enable one to store nick-nack’s or collectables in an easy to access place where you can pull them out on a moment’s notice and show them off to guests.

Speaking of guests, square coffee tables can be an indispensable asset for those who like to entertain. They can be natural display counters for photography or “coffee table” books. Coupled with the right side or end tables, your square coffee table can set just the right mood. Add a decorative area rug to give your room the makeover it has desperately needed.

Bassett offers a wide selection of square coffee tables in more styles and sizes than you can imagine. While strolling through our collection of traditional, urban contemporary, glass, iron and wooden coffee tables, you’re sure to find the piece that fits best with your current decor. And should you decide that a square coffee table just doesn’t “do it” for you, we’ve got cocktail tables in almost any other shape or size that you desire.

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