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When putting together the perfect setting in your home, whether it be a dining room set or a casual bar set, the type of chairs your use is an important decision.  You want the feeling of comfort and style without your room feeling heavy with furniture. Luckily stools are the perfect blend of comfort and style.  For example, if you add a kitchen bar to have more serving place, and do not add the right kitchen bar stools, you can diminish the entire setting.

Bassett Furniture is not only an excellent source for the perfect stool, but also an excellent source for decorating expertise.  If you are wanting to create a tropical feel in your dining area, may we suggest a bar stool. This particular seating arrangement can brighten up your room and your dining experience. And do not let the thin design fool you.  This counter stool is made with wrought iron steel to support anyone who may visit your home.  The backs of the stool area is wound with natural reed inserts to comfort you.

Another excellent choice from Bassett Furniture’s stool collection is a custom dining stool.  With a swivel around setting, you can easily direct yourself to any point of interest while maintaining comfort.  With multiple custom choices to choose from, you are sure to be satisfied with your stools.    Choose from four body styles, thirteen finishes, and two leg designs.

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