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Wood Coffee Tables

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Looking for an unparalleled selection of wood coffee tables in every shape, finish and design imaginable? A brand name synonymous with value and quality? Look no further than Bassett Furniture.

Wooden coffee tables add a natural elegance to a room – one that simply cannot be attained through the use of glass or metal. The living room coffee table is perhaps the most important piece in the room as all activity tends to revolve around it. It’s where conversation begins and ends. You might say that the coffee table is the piece that holds the entire room together.

Finished wood has a rich glow, a warmth that can add ambiance to any room. They can add an element of charm and sophistication to a room – not to mention added functionality. For example, a coffee table is a great place to keep the TV remote so it doesn’t get lost, as can frequently happen. A coffee table with a drawer is ideal for storing coasters while a bottom shelf can be a great place to keep magazines or other reading material.

When shopping for a wood coffee table, there are practical as well as style considerations. For example, choose a coffee table that has a height similar to that of your couch. You may wish the surface of the wood coffee table to be slightly lower. If you have small children, consider a round coffee table. However, if this is not a consideration, a rectangular table may be best suited to your decor. Take a look at peripheral pieces such as your couch, chairs or recliners. Do they have rounded backs or corners? If not, a rectangular piece may suit you best.

Round, rectangular, lift top or with drawers – we have them all. Adding a new wood coffee table to your room’s existing decor is a snap at Bassett Furniture. Not only do we have every imaginable style and finish, Bassett’s HGTV HOME™ Design Studio makes it easy to coordinate the look of a new piece with your existing patterns, colors and motif.

And at Bassett Furniture, our wood coffee tables are made of the finest materials so they’ll last for years to come.
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