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Indoor-Outdoor Rugs and Mats

Updated: 2019-10-25

Why You Should Buy an Indoor-Outdoor Rug

The outdoors don’t always stay outdoors. As people come into your house, little bits of the great outdoors sneak in with them. Sometimes, your indoor rug needs to be as tough as your outdoor rug.

And the reverse is true as well. A patio or porch should be an extension of your home. The old, bright-green, faux-grass look of outdoor rugs won't do anymore. Patios should look comfortably elegant, and a beautiful rug is one of the best ways to anchor an area to create an outdoor living space.

Can We Have it All?

It’s a tall order. This requires a rug that’s tough enough to endure dirty shoes and paws, durable enough to clean properly, and yet add beauty to your décor.

What Makes an Indoor-Outdoor Rug Different?

Indoor-outdoor rugs and mats are usually made of synthetic materials. But don’t cringe: Synthetic materials have advanced to the point when it can be hard to distinguish them from natural materials. One common synthetic fiber used in rugs is polypropylene, which doesn’t absorb liquid or stains, resists mold and fading, yet looks as nice as an indoor rug. (See? We can have it all.)

Why You Should Use an Indoor-Outdoor Rug Indoors

If you need a durable indoor rug, an indoor-outdoor rug or mat may be a good choice. This is especially true for homes with children or dogs, or in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. One excellent place for an indoor-outdoor rug is a transition room where people first enter your home from an exterior door. Another spot you may not think of using an indoor-outdoor rug is in the kitchen. Because of their performance properties, they make kitchen and food spill a breeze to clean!

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs at Bassett Furniture

Our indoor-outdoor rugs and mats are made from polypropylene, and we offer many sizes, colors, and patterns to match any room, inside or out, in your home.

The Catarina indoor-outdoor rug offers casual sophistication, with geometric patterns in neutrals and navy blues. The Bardenas indoor-outdoor rugs offer bright, fun patterns that will liven up your space and add extra energy. Both Catarina & Bardenas have more patterns to choose from, so don't miss checking them out! And if you’re looking for a neutral color in an interesting pattern, consider our Maldives indoor-outdoor rug

If you want to peruse our entire selection of rugs and mats, look at our online catalog or request a print catalog for your home.

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