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King Vs Cal King

What’s the Difference Between a King and California King Bed?

What puts the “California” into a California king bed? Is it different than a regular king bed, or simply a marketing term to add a little panache into furniture shopping?

Bassett Catania

There really is a difference between the two. California king beds and king beds have slight size variances that affect which one is right for you. California king beds are slightly more narrow than regular king—also referred to as Eastern king—beds. A typical king bed measures 76 inches across, but a California king measures just 72 inches across. If you and your partner move around in your sleep, losing those four inches of mattress width could cost you more than you’d like. In that case, you might want to opt for the typical king bed.

If you and your partner are tall, however, a California king might be the better choice. While the bed is a few inches narrower than its king counterpart, it’s four inches longer: 84 inches from top toBassett Tobago bottom. For people over six feet tall who can’t stand the thought of their feet hanging off the bed, the California king may be a better option.

So Eastern king beds are better if you want a wider bed, and California king beds if you want a taller one. Easy enough, right? Well, not quite.

California King vs. King Bedding

Bedding is where it gets tricky. Although you can find bedding for king beds almost anywhere, it’s harder to find it for California king beds. Choosing a California king bed will complicate your shopping for sheets. You might be tempted to order regular king-sized bedding and hope for the best. Please don’t: They will not fit. Bassett Emilia

When purchasing a new California king bed, it’s a wise move to purchase bedding from the retailer at the same time, if possible. At Bassett Furniture stores, we offer quality bedding for your new bed to save you the search for California king sheets. Otherwise, online retailers may be your best bet. 

California King Beds at Bassett Furniture

We carry a selection of California king beds, including the Savoy Upholstered bed, which offers a classic-yet-contemporary style. If you want to design the look of your own California king bed, take a look at our Custom Upholstery series, which allows you to create exactly the bed you want.

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