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Tips for Buying Leather Furniture

Updated: 2019-10-25 

The Basics of Buying Leather Furniture: What You Should Know 

Always intrigued by leather furniture but wonder if it’s too delicate for a rambunctious household? Not sure how to get a timeless look you’ll love for years? 

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you understand it — and how to buy it. Buying leather furniture can be pricey, so we've provided some tips for buying leather furniture to help you make the best buying decisions. Keep reading here!

Deluxe Durability Sets Leather Furniture Apart 

Leather furniture is naturally resilient and luxurious, says Stephanie Holdren, a Bassett Certified Design Consultant in Atlanta. She loves the high-quality leather that Bassett uses, which has a rich, buttery texture fabric can’t beat. 

Then there’s the flexibility. You can choose anything from the texture and natural beauty of artisan-quality leather to the color and practical appeal of protected leathers. 

Know Your Leather Types 

It’s easy to get lost in leather nomenclature when buying leather furniture. For starters, here’s a quick guide to 7 high-grade finishes we offer: 

Full-grain aniline: Uncorrected with a fine topcoat so its natural beauty shows through. Develops a patina.

Buffed aniline: Uncorrected so its natural beauty shows through. Buffed for a soft suede-like feel. Develops a patina.

Wax-protected aniline: Slightly corrected with a fine topcoat so its natural beauty shows through. Develops a patina.

Enhanced-effects semi-aniline: Corrected with pigmentation and artisan techniques to create desired tones and textures.

Even-coloration aniline: Corrected with pigmentation to even out tone and create a uniform look. Protective topcoat makes this a good choice for busy households.

Semi-aniline: Quality leather treated to withstand everyday use. 

Pigmented: A very durable leather, protective treatment can detract from its natural look.

For a deeper dive into leather grains, treatments, and enhancements, visit our Leather Workroom.

Creating Stylish Leather Furniture 

Bassett can customize everything from sectionals to sofas and dining chairs to headboards with your leather of choice. 

One of our best tips for buying leather furniture is, when it comes to choosing pieces, a little leather goes a long way. “I like mixing it up with fabric upholstery,” says Stephanie. “If I’m doing a leather sectional, the chairs or ottoman are in the fabric. If it’s a fabric sectional, then I do a leather ottoman.”

For color choice, Stephanie recommends checking boutique hotel bars to see what’s fits in where you live. For example, bright white is common in Miami Beach, rugged brown in the Midwest, sleek black in New York. 

Then use details to move the needle from contemporary (think nickel-plated nailhead trim) to classic (brass) or rustic (a swatch of plaid on the arm cushion). 

Bassett Leather

Be Virtually Carefree

When you choose top-grade leather, maintaining its leather beauty couldn’t be easier:

  • Never place pieces directly in the sun or close to heat sources.
  • Mop up spills right away.
  • Dust regularly.
  • Clean monthly with a soft, damp white cloth.

Ready to Bring Leather Furniture Home? 

You’ll never grow tired of kicking back in a leather club chair with a stiff drink or nestling into a leather sofa to binge the series you’ve been waiting for. It’s that good. 

If you’d like more tips for buying leather furniture from an interior designer like Stephanie, just schedule an appointment

Like to learn more or explore? Visit our leather furniture workroom

Leather Workroom
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