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Standard Loveseat Size

Updated: 2022-09-20

It seems easy, right? Sofas sit three people, loveseats seat two.

Not so fast. You have more loveseat size options than you may realize. There is no standard loveseat size: some sit two, some sit just one; some are as wide as six feet, while others barely reach four. The assortment gives you choices for the perfect piece for your space.

Here are some basics of loveseat measurements:

How Long is a Loveseat?

Bassett CU.2You’ll discover loveseats in a variety of lengths, but don’t judge a loveseat on its measurements alone. The type of cushion, style, and shape impact how much room each loveseat allows for seating. Be careful to select a loveseat that not only fits your space but provides enough seating for guests.

Here are common loveseat types and their average lengths, measured arm to arm:

    • Small standard loveseats: 52 inches

    • Medium loveseats: 58 inches

    • Full loveseats: 64 inches

    • Loveseat sofas: 71 inches

    • Compact twin-sized loveseats: 45 to 51 inches wide (meant to sit just one person)

What’s the Standard Loveseat Height?

Even though width can vary, the height of a loveseat cushion is fairly standard. Most loveseats have a height of 20 or 21 inches above the floor. The exception is a compact twin-sized loveseat, which sits a bit higher – about 28 inches high.

As with the width, however, the type of cushion on your seat—whether it’s overstuffed or sleek—will impact how high it feels to the one sitting on it.

What Is an Apartment-Sized Loveseat?

If the sizes above are larger than what you need, consider another option: apartment-sized loveseats. These are perfect for smaller spaces and older buildings, offering the same style but with scaled-down sizing to fit through tight hallways and not overwhelm smaller rooms.

Apartment-sized loveseats can be found as small as 30 inches deep and 58 inches wide. What’s the secret to keeping the style of the loveseat while cutting down its size? The back cushion is smaller, allowing the size of the piece to be compact while the seat remains comfortable.

Not Sure Which Loveseat Size is Right for You?

Don’t shop unprepared. Design your room with our Interactive Room Planner to find the loveseat size best for your space. Want some one-on-one advice? Request a design consultation with one of our expert designers, who are happy to guide you through your options.

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