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Canopy Beds

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There is nothing quite like the elegance and majesty of a canopy bed. With Bassett Furniture’s wide selection of canopy beds, you'll be sure to find the perfect combination of class, comfort and function. Canopy beds can make a style statement while adding an extra element of privacy to your room. And let’s not forget about the benefit of having an extra layer of protection from mosquitoes during the warmer months.

Sleeping under a canopy brings with it a certain mystique. It can almost make you feel like royalty. Matching your canopy bed with the right style end tables, accent pillows, or nightstand can only add to an already wonderful visceral experience. Add a decorative, ornate wall mirror and some matching upholstered accent chairs and you’ll have the bedroom you always dreamt of. And with our 30 day delivery guarantee, your dream can be a reality in no time!

Poster canopy beds have a history all their own. As such, your new poster canopy bed has a story to tell. This story starts all the way back in the 13th century when overhead canopies were supported by cables attached to beams within the home’s walls. It wasn’t until the 15th century that we started to see the four post canopy bed that we’re more familiar with today.

Back in the 15th century, poster canopy beds were strictly for the affluent and could most often be found in castles and the like. Today, thanks to Bassett furniture you can find a poster canopy bed in the style, size and color to match virtually any decor.

You’ll find canopy beds in a wide range of sizes from twin to king size here at Bassett Furniture. Looking for a sleek, stylish and durable steel frame? No problem. Do you prefer traditional grained wood or a beautifully upholstered headboards? We have those, too. With such a wide selection to choose from, you’re sure to find the poster canopy bed that guarantees a great looking room and a restful night’s sleep.

Select from our fantastic collection of designer bedding and top of the line mattresses by the finest manufacturers in the business including Sealy, Simmons and Streams & Foster, just to name a few.

You’ll likely want to consider peripheral furniture and accessories that match or highlight your newly acquired poster canopy bed. With our wide selection of nightstands, dressers, accent chairs, chests and mirrors, you’re sure to find the piece that provides the final touch to your fantastic new room.

Experience the sheer elegance of a canopy bed in person. Visit a Bassett Furniture location near you and find out why Bassett has been the choice for fine furniture for over 100 years. Stop by our HGTV Home Design Studio and take your dream room from inspiration to delivery in just 30 days!

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