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Gathering Tables

What is in your kitchen and living room defines who you are as a home keeper.  In order to truly project an image of style and sophistication, the choice must be a careful and calculated decision.  Any time you are searching for a new table it us a lot like searching for a new wardrobe for your home.  When on this quest you must consider design, median, and class. One of the first places your eyes may draw you toward is Bassett Furniture’s 40" Gathering Table.  The table is designed with you in mind.  You even get to choose from a wide range of selections such as finishes, sides, and leg selections.  The table is a center piece to any room and projects an image of an inviting nature with its six seating capacity.  Need a little extra room? Add the leaf and comfortably seat 8 for a lovely dining experience. If an image of unique style is what you have in mind, make sure you check out our Gathering Tables. With a hint of eastern flavor, and a smooth and eloquent finish, this table comfortably sits eights around is unique square layout.  There is always plenty of room of all of your serving dishes and center pieces on this top, which helps create an open and pleasurable experience each and every time you use it.  An inviting atmosphere should always be a host’s ultimate goal and Bassett furniture truly delivers this with contemporary settings and approachable furniture that make each and every room a pure joy to enter.

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