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King Size Headboard

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A king size headboard can be the finishing touch – the final element that pushes your bedroom’s appearance over the top.

Bassett Furniture has a wide selection of headboards with your choice of styles and features. Select from traditional or contemporary styles, headboards for king size beds, cal king headboards, upholstered or wooden headboards – you name it. And they all come backed by something only Bassett has to offer - our long time reputation for fine quality and unparalleled value.

While headboards for beds are often considered a decorative element, a headboard can serve a very practical purpose too. For example, how often do you find yourself pushing pillow after pillow under your head in an attempt to watch TV? An upholstered headboard allows you to prop yourself up and watch TV comfortably from bed with ease and comfort.

Do you read on your tablet or talk on the phone a great deal while in bed? If so, you’ve probably experienced uncomfortable neck or arm soreness. An upholstered, king size headboard can alleviate a great deal of discomfort as you lean back against a perfectly cushioned backdrop.

On the other hand, headboards that are not padded (wood headboards for example) contribute to the bedroom’s visual appeal and may even include shelving to keep books, an alarm clock, photos or knick-knacks on.

An investment in a good night’s sleep pays dividends throughout the following day. As we are all aware, a well-rested person is more productive and more importantly, happier. So give yourself a gift today and stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom near you to see the incredible selection of top quality king size headboards. Need some design help? Ask one of our HGTV HOME™ Design Studio design consultants or visit our online room planner.

Whichever way you choose to visit us, you’ll be guaranteed the value and quality that have made Bassett the furniture store of choice for over 100 years.

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