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Living Room End Tables & Sofa Tables


In every living room there are items such as lamps, remote controls, books and other assorted things that just seem to have no place to go.  Sometimes this can create confusion, clutter and unwanted mess.  No one understands this better than Bassett Furniture, and we want to offer you a solution to keep your life nice and pleasant.  Adding a coffee and end table to your living room space not only offers a great place to put cluttered items, but also creates a sense of style and creativity. 

Use a sofa table to store small items, board games, or place a lamp on it to give extra light. Sofa tables come in a wide range of styles too. Get an open frame sofa table for a lighter appeal or get a sofa table with drawers or shelves to make a stronger statement. Additionally, they come in a variety of finishes and materials. Get an oak sofa table to bring in an earthy feel. Or try a metal and glass sofa table for a more modern style

Perhaps you are looking for something with a little more of a classical feel - a coffee and end table that will add an elegant touch to your living room. May we suggest the end round accent tables with painted top?  This living room end table's round design is coupled with simplicity to makes it a perfect place for a living room lamp or flower pot.  

Versatile End Tables & Side Tables

Do you have certain places in your home that you just do not know how to decorate?  Maybe there are empty spaces that are just calling out to be filled but you are not sure with what.   Sometimes adding just the right touch can transform an entire room into a fabulously decorated place.  

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is adding simple yet very useful and decorative side or end tables. Both side and end tables serve as functional pieces of furniture because they allow you to have the perfect setting for so many things.  If you need a place for a lamp, pictures, books, or any other special heirlooms, you can have the perfect spot.  Not only are they functional, they also serve as an easy way to add just enough balance to any place.

Not matter what it is that you are looking for in living room end tables or side tables, Bassett Furniture is here to provide you with world class service and quality.

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