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Living Spaces

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Each element within your living space creates an energy. Each furniture piece or color element has a relationship with the other design elements in your home and within its collective living spaces. They work together to create an energy that one might typically define as a mood or flow.

When designing your home living spaces, consider these elements and how they work together, right down to the wood finish of each piece and the fabric patterns and colors you choose. Consider the style of each piece and how they mesh with wall accessories and accent pieces. Are you quiet and understated or is leather and glass more your attitude? Think about what each design element says about you.

Decoratively challenged? Fortunately, you have the design experts at Bassett Furniture to assist you. With their help and that of the Bassett Furniture online room planner, you can create a home with an intelligent flow and positive energy on the order of what one might expect from a professional designer or decorator.

Shop online or stop by a Bassett Furniture store near you and experience the quality and customer service that has made Bassett a furniture industry leader for over 100 years.

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