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Accent Tables

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Accent Tables for Your Living Room

While the focal point of your living room may be a sofa or loveseat, accent tables add the balance and functionality that make the room both attractive and comfortable. A stylish accent table from the Bassett collection may be just the thing you need to give your room the boost it needs.

Kick up your feet, have a place to put your drinks, or decorate it with whatever you want. Regardless of your preferences, you're sure to find the right tables for any room in your home with Bassett.

What is an Accent Table?

Accent tables are small tables that complement your sofas and plush chairs by providing a place to seat your drinks, display your framed photos, or set your lamp on. Accent living room tables include several subcategories, including coffee tablesaccent end tables, chairside tables, drink cabinets, bedside tables, and more.

Accent tables are designed to blend in with the theme of your living space as opposed to sticking out from the rest of your furniture. They're great for putting your decorations, books, or a TV remote on. Some of our tables also include additional storage, like drawers and other storage compartments.

What's the Difference Between an End Table and a Side Table?

The difference between an end table and a side table is subtle but important. The main differences lie in where the two are usually placed and how large they are.

End tables are placed next to a chair or at the end of a sofa, have a smaller surface area, and are generally used to put items like books, decorations, and keys.

In contrast, side tables are different. These are usually placed on the side of a room or against a wall, have a larger surface area, and have several different uses. Some other uses include storage space, a minibar, or to hold decorations too.

What's the Difference Between a Sofa Table and a Console Table?

These two are very similar, but they have a few important differences. Console tables are generally a standard height of around 33-36 inches, while sofa tables are shorter. Sofa tables are designed to sit behind your sofas to not get in the way of the sofa, so they're generally shorter than sofas are. Console tables can be placed up against a wall and furnish the side of a hallway or living room.

Aside from that, the two are relatively similar. They can be similar in their other dimensions, like length and width. They can both include storage options.

How Tall is an Accent Table?

Accent tables are generally shorter than normal tables. The accent tables are built to be easily accessible by people from wherever they're placed next to. To make that possible, accent tables are usually between 20-25 inches tall. That way, people can put drinks down on the tabletop without reaching far from where they're sitting.

Do You Need Two End Tables?

In rooms with a sofa, there are generally one or two end tables. Depending on the size of the room and the other furniture present in the room, you will need to scale the number of end tables to match. If the room has several accent chairs, it's usually a good idea to make an end table accessible to each accent chair.

However, be cautious of crowding the room with them. End tables are a useful tool to make sitting in a room more comfortable, but always have the room's theme and how much space you're using in mind. Never crowd a room.

Why is it Called an Accent Table?

Accent furniture gets its name from the function it serves in a room's overall design. An accent piece is designed to stand out from the rest of the room's theme. Whether it adds a splash of color to an otherwise uniform room or a contrasting design with the rest of the furniture, accent furniture is bold.

Style Your Living Room With Accent Tables

At Bassett, we offer a variety of colors and designs for all of our tables. Choose a red corner nook table for the corner of your bedroom and use it as a workstation. How about a blue side table next to your living room sofa? Create contrast by choosing a round accent table in your living room around your bright sectional.

Our furniture designers have been hard at work creating handcrafted pieces that make small, bold statements. Finished iron bases ensure durability, while marble and stone tops give your accent table a chic, sleek look that will leave you positively breathless. Its artisan design meets handcrafted, old-fashioned detail.

Bassett's Custom Styling Options

Add an extra layer of customizability with Bassett's wide array of customization options. Add a remarkable wood finish to your new sofa table that matches the theme of your room.

Your living room furniture will never look the same again.

BenchMade Accent Tables

At Bassett, we’re dedicated to an old-fashioned work ethic. We design and build high-quality accent tables with a lot of attention to detail and superior workmanship. With our BenchMade line, our artisan craftsmen create your perfect table to suit your needs and style one piece at a time.

Choose from maple or oak wood and a beautiful finish of your choice. Add our conversion varnish, and your solid wood table will be protected from everyday life and stay durable for years to come.

Visit a Bassett Showroom

We strive to make your home decor buying experience extraordinary. Browse the Bassett collection and visualize your next living room. Once you’re ready to design, speak with one of our talented design consultants. Together, we’ll create an accent table that is not only beautiful but lasts a lifetime.

Reach out to one of our design specialists today. We're ready to guide your design decisions and help you make the best choices for any room in your home.

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