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Storage Beds

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Storage beds are ideal in small rooms or where closet space is at a premium. Storage beds typically have a bed frame construction that provides for under bed, built in storage drawers to store clothes, bedding or anything one might store in a bedroom.

Smartly designed storage beds create an enclosed closet or drawer system that provides easy access to items while maximizing the room’s usable area. While the concept of beds with storage may lend itself naturally to apartment living (particularly in urban areas where square footage is at a premium), it has a very practical purpose for those in large homes as well. Kids need a place to store all their belongings. When there is no obvious storage solution for children, they tend to leave their toys and games strewn about the room. Storage beds provide a convenient place for children to clean up after themselves, making your life significantly easier and your home cleaner.

Storage beds are ideal for guest or family rooms - and they’re great for kids’ rooms too. Coupled with a nightstand and student desk, you can furnish your child’s entire room with a single trip to your local Bassett Furniture store.

However, beds with storage are not just for confined spaces. Storage beds of yesterday were practical but not very attractive. Today, storage beds are smartly designed and attractive – so much so that you may opt to have one in your bedroom even if you have plenty of space. They come in varied styles in both traditional and contemporary designs. At Bassett, you’ll find storage beds with a classic wood veneer or with modern, sleek lines. There’s a Bassett storage bed sure to fit your aesthetic sensibilities.

So stop by your nearest Bassett Furniture store and take a look at our vast assortment of storage beds, nightstands, ottomans and other storage furniture. Use our store locator to find a convenient location close to you. Or, shop online. Either way, you’re assured the value and quality workmanship synonymous with the Bassett name for over 100 years.
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