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Decorate With Wall Mirrors From Bassett

Like well-placed lighting, decorative mirrors add a magical quality to any room decor. Not only do they contribute to how light refracts around your living space, but they also add a unique depth and class to any other décor element. Refined and adaptable, mirrors redefine a room's spatial boundaries and accent walls perfectly.

Decorative Floor Mirrors

A well-chosen floor mirror can give a room a character all its own. For example, a full-length mirror with an ornate frame can paint a picture of refined or sophisticated living. A floor mirror of an unusually large scale can act as an arch, creating the illusion of entrance into a larger hall or room. The possibilities are endless!

Floor mirrors can create a larger-than-life feeling, acting as an entryway into a whole new world of color and light. They also work great in bedrooms and foyers for that full-body view.

Our floor mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Antique-style mirrors match a rustic, worn-looking room theme. Stylish and contemporary mirrors bring more light into the room to add class and trendiness to your home. You can also choose from different sizes, from ovals to squares to rectangles, and from different styles of frames.

Each mirror fits different styles for your living room, bedroom, or family room, so decorate with care and consideration for each room's theme.

Wall Mirrors for Any Size Room

In smaller rooms, wall mirrors can work wonders. They can dress up space as well as add depth and character. Small dining rooms can benefit significantly from horizontal wall mirrors. When used to maximum effect, a wall mirror does more than simply cover up bare walls.

Everything can be bigger in large dining rooms, and mirrors are no exception. When your wall mirror reflects a handsome chandelier, it can add an entirely new element of class and space to your dining area. Larger mirrors will cover more wall space and make a bigger splash on the room's theme. Whether you're looking to accent a room or add a twist, mirrors make any room decorative and fun.

FAQs Regarding Home Decor Mirrors

How Do You Clean Decorative Mirrors?

For mirrors that have any type of metal frame, a simple wiping down with a window cleaning solution will make your mirror look as good as new. For mirrors that have anything other than a metal frame; remove the mirror from the wall and wipe down the mirror itself with a window cleaning solution. Use non-abrasive soap on a damp cloth to gently scrub the mirror frame.

Why Are Mirrors Beveled?

Beveled mirrors are specifically designed to create a more elegant appearance. The glass may be professionally cut to achieve specific angles. Those angles catch the light and provide desirable visual effects.

What is the Point of Decorative Mirrors?

Decorative mirrors from Bassett simply seem to brighten up any room. With so many shapes and frame designs to choose from, you can create a one-of-a-kind feeling in your home. Maybe an aluminum framed mirror can finally help you achieve that modern feeling you've been looking for. Or try something new and look into a new mirror with a different shape; after all, oval mirrors aren't only for the bathroom vanity.

Where Should I Place My Decorative Mirrors?

Our design experts say most people tend to hang their decorative mirrors in the center of the wall of their choosing, especially in rooms such as a living room. However, keep in mind not to over-decorate a wall with too many mirrors which many say can make a wall look tacky. A good general rule is one mirror per wall, with the exception of bathrooms.

How Do I Choose a Decorative Mirror for My Home?

There are a couple of important factors to consider when choosing vanity mirrors for your home. First, you may want to consider what room you're wanting to put the mirror in. After you have decided what room the mirror is going in, that may help you decide what shape and frame material to choose. For example, many people put a round mirror or oval mirror with a metal frame in their bathroom. For a hallway, a large wall-mounted mirror may be more appropriate.

Where to Buy Decorative Wall Mirrors?

With so many frame shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find the mirror that best matches your décor when you shop at Bassett Furniture. Enjoy a wide variety of choices and free shipping on selected items. Visit us at a local Bassett store nearest you to see our wide selection of luxury home goods. Our design specialists are ready to design the perfect home for your family.

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