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Bar Cabinet

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Upgrade Your Parties with a Home Bar Cabinet from Bassett Furniture

There's a better-than-good chance that the same thing that makes every party great is also responsible for the start of human civilizations. Care to venture a guess as to the item in question? 

A 3,900-year old Sumerian poem, a 5,000-year old Chinese recipe and a Middle Eastern cave used by people more than 13,000 years ago all point to the same thing... If you said alcohol, you've hit it right on the nose.

As a species, we LOVE drinking. We've done it since before the dawn of recorded history. But, while our ancestors may have enjoyed the brew back when we were still hunter-gatherers, they cannot hold a candle to modern drinking culture (and, not just because they didn't have candles). 

For one, we are some much more sophisticated in how we store and access the drink. No more dark caves and dusty pottery. Today, when you throw a party for all your civilized friends, you better have a handsome, well-stocked bar cabinet. Every home needs one, and every party guest deserves one.

So, before you send out invitations to your next soiree, shop Bassett's online collection of exquisite home bar furniture. 

Choosing the Right Home Bar Furniture 

How do you decide on the right home bar cabinet? There are a number of considerations to take into account. 

Existing Decor 

You want your home bar cabinet to stand out. But, you also want it to work well with the existing decor in your home. So, you must strike a careful balance. 

If the room already features a fashionable centerpiece to anchor the design, your home bar furniture has to assume the supporting role. That means a more conservative choice in material and composition.

However, if your entertainment space lacks that defining feature, the home bar cabinet can serve as an excellent accent piece. In such a case, a more free-wheeling design with bolder colors or appearance would be warranted.  


The room where you plan to place your home bar is another constraining factor. Obviously, the dimensions of the room will impact the size of the home bar cabinet you purchase. As such, you should definitely take into account the size of the room. 

The purpose of the room and the other furniture it holds can also dictate your home bar furniture purchase. If placed in the formal dining room along side servers, china cabinets or a buffet, your bar cabinet may just need to hold/hide the bottles. 

Placement in a larger room, like your living room, may mean that your home bar furniture may need to house additional utensils and paraphernalia used for mixing drinks.  


Home bar cabinets come in various designs, sizes and can feature different elements. You may, for example, want to have enough storage for all of your wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, highball glasses and additional glassware. A place for all your mixers will likely come in handy, as well. But, the one feature that you and your guests are sure to appreciate is a large enough area to mix drinks.  

Visit Bassett Furniture 

You'll find lots of great choices in our online collection of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. But, to get a full appreciation for the quality and durability of our furniture, you should visit one of our stores in-person. Find the Bassett Furniture store nearest you, and come see us today. 

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