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Breakfast Nook Tables

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Find the Perfect Breakfast Table for Your Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is not just a place to eat your morning cereal. Distinct from the dining room table, which occupies a formal, dignified air, the kitchen breakfast nook table is the setting for a cozier, more down-home, everyday utility.

It's where you can sit, drink a cup of coffee, and catch up on the news feed on your phone with a hot cup of tea. It's where you crunch the numbers from your monthly credit card statements, doubling as a home office. It's where you go to watch through misting windows the fall of lukewarm spring rain brings grass back to life. And, yes, it's also the place where the maple syrup doesn't always make it to just the stacks of pancakes on those loud Sunday mornings.

Find the perfect breakfast table to anchor all those picture-perfect moments in Bassett Furniture's online collection of dining room furniture. We've been making furniture for families for more than a century, earning recognition for quality that lasts through the generations. It's how we came to be known as the premier name in high-quality furniture.

What are some different styles of breakfast nooks?

There are so many styles of breakfast nooks. Modern breakfast nooks may feature granite countertops, metal poles, and a flat base. Farmhouse breakfast nooks may include old-style woods with a worn look. Contemporary breakfast nooks range from various styles, from long wood bases and a long, flat, wood top to an all-metal design with a rounded bottom and a thin top and go well in a white kitchen.

Outside of styles, you can also add many other furniture pieces to complement your breakfast nook. Some are small; others can seat lots of people. Some are built into the home, and others are free-standing. You can also add a custom banquette to fit more people for larger get-togethers and family dinners. With longer breakfast nooks, you can add a bench for people to sit on. Some homes have benches installed on the floor that surround a table.

How is a breakfast nook different from a dining room table?

Breakfast nooks are distinguishable from dining room tables in a few ways. For one, there's the place it goes in. Breakfast tables belong in the kitchen while dining tables are made for the dining room. There's also the space consideration - small space breakfast nooks are generally smaller than dining room tables since the kitchen has less space than the dining room.

Breakfast nooks are more convenient, though, since they're a short distance away from the kitchen, making cooking and eating easier. They're also functionally different, with the breakfast nook being for more casual, quick meals, while a dining room table is generally used for family gatherings and other formal events.

Breakfast nooks can make navigating the kitchen more challenging since it takes up valuable space in the kitchen, while the dining room table is made for a separate room altogether. It can also make your kitchen look messy if it isn't maintained or designed for your space correctly.

Get Your Breakfast Nook Table BenchMade

If you want your furniture made to last, you want it made by hand using traditional woodworking methods. That's the idea behind Bassett's BenchMade line of dining room tables.

Skilled artisans create every piece of BenchMade furniture on old-fashioned woodworking benches in our Bassett, VA workshop. That process has remained the same since our first days in business in 1902.

All BenchMade nook tables are made from oak or maple timber sourced responsibly from the green forests of the Appalachian mountain. For every piece of traditionally made furniture sold online or in our stores, we make sure to plant two trees. That's how we make sure that there's a thriving, healthy forest to come back to.

We also offer a custom design program for breakfast nook tables and chairs. Our styles match a variety of home designs. From a farmhouse, rustic Avondale rectangular table to a modern Gavin round table featuring hemlock woods, you're sure to find one that suits your tastes. You can also choose your wood finishes for many of our collections to make your new table pop. Check out our guide on kitchenette and breakfast nook design.

See Our Breakfast Nook Tables In-Person

Our online breakfast tables and dining room furniture collection features many attractive options. We recommend you take your time to find the ones that speak to you. Experience the quality and craftsmanship of our breakfast nooks in person and see for yourself why Bassett Furniture is known as the preeminent name in fine furniture. It's hard to match the quality of finely crafted kitchen furniture.

Likewise, it's easy to experience the best of our kitchen furniture by visiting a Bassett Furniture store nearest you. Browse in-store for your ideal breakfast nooks made from natural solid wood. Find new inspirations for your kitchen space and see just how high-quality construction of all of our products in person.

If you want, you can have your breakfast table set customized to fit your exact taste and style. Our in-store design consultants will help you make it all happen, walking you through every step of the journey.

Ready to get started? Please book your appointment with a member of our in-store design team today.

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